new year, new post.

Hi everyone, I hope your enjoying 2008 so far.
I haven't really had much to update with lately but my friend facebooked me yesterday asking if i was ok as i hadnt written a blog for a while and I'd scared her a bit! So just letting you know not to panic!
I have to admit that I found Christmas and New year hard. I hadn't expected it to be difficult but in hindsight i probably should have. Its my first year on the list and while feeling liberated that things could be so much better next Christmas, there are also feelings of sadness that I've got to this stage of decline, and fear for what could be in store this year, what will happen if I get my transplant and how I will feel if, in 12 months time I am still waiting.
Thats not saying that I didnt enjoy the festive season because I definately did, but those thougts were lurking about too.

I'm now back into writing essays for my course and trying to get ahead for when I start my second one at the end of Jan. Keeping up with 2 will definately be tricky but I'm much worse without anything to do. Having something to occupy my mind is very important for my wellbeing.

Anyway just wanted to check in
Tor x


  1. hey!

    i have already text you it, but anyways happy new year!

    can you imagine how much better you would feel next year if it all went good?! keep your mind on that

    maybe you could do the walk again and try beat your time?

    my dog says hi and will send more pics soon!

  2. It's definitely great that you're keeping yourself occupied - but also that you've got the perspective to step back from how you're feeling and be able to look at your bigger picture.

    The wait can be hard, but if you've got distractions for your mind and support from your loved ones then you can't ask for much more.

    Keep on trucking and try to keep smiling.