muddled muddled muddled!

First of all, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post. You're all such brilliant people, you really made me smile!

Things have been same as usual here. I've written the first essay of my new course and am waiting for my result to come back at the moment. I must admit I am not keen on the new course. The way its written is very "wordy" and they seem to use 60 words to say what they could with 10!! It makes it very hard to concentrate and I end up going back over eveything to get it sinking in. Its hard to keep track of what I should be doing, reading or writing and keeping ideas from both courses separate.

My brain seems to be on strike at the minute. I finding it difficult to settle to anything, and feel quite frustrated as a result. I'm quite a creative person and think its important for me to have projects to be able to relax with inbetween study. The trouble is with the way I'm feeling I just flit between ideas without actually coming to any decision which only serves to annoy me further! I have so many ideas but either, a) get caught by several ideas but fail to fix on one or b) get quite behind a particular idea,buy the materials and then go off of it and have wasted my money!

I am quite into reading playscripts, this is good because it is something drama related and a good distraction from childhood studies!!! I've read American Beauty which I devoured and absolutely adored, and quality street which i enjoyed. The only thing is, its quite hard to pick which plays to buy and they are quite expensive. I mean, do you pick something famous? a film/play you've previously seen? something by a well known author? How do I choose?
Plus I mistakenly looked on a drama school website at their MA courses and the audition process involved and completely freaked myself out! There is so much competition for places and you need 3 plays from certain periods of time, its scary. In fact I had to calm myself down after by taking a reality check that I'm in no state to take a MA now (healthwise and no degree yet!) and therefore have plenty of time to sort this out!
I really need advice from someone whos been to drama school and experienced it i suppose.

I also have numerous craft ideas but again, its hard to focus my energy. Do you know what else? I have the desire to clear out my entire house as well! Have a good chuck out and declutter. Its very odd, a bit like nesting without the being pregnant!

I think lists my be the way forward (I'm a list type of girl), i need to get organised.
Lets hope my brain gets less frazzled soon! (Any suggestions appreciated! :)


  1. We have so much in common its quite funny! I started my new OU course (Maths can you believe?!) a few weeks ago and the way they write the material is doing my head in!!! It's soooo wordy that it takes about 5 hours to read about one concept LOL. And I refuse to do all those crap exercises where you are supposed to spend hours analysing how you study and whether its productive because if I do those then the studying is NOT productive because I get behind!!!

    I'm also desperate to have a complete spring clean, de-clutter and redecorate so I can empathise with that feeling. I've spent the last week or two completely tidying and re-organising my craft room. My Mum and Dad bought me a new sewing machine for my Birthday so I decided that some space to actually use it might be a good idea!

    Plus I have about 50,000 craft projects I need to start on but I can't decide where to begin. I think you may be my long lost twin ;o)

    Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hey

    for decluttering what i do is one drawer at a time, so il do my pj drawer, then a few days or weeks later il do the make up drawer.
    I love doing it!

    I also love lists!

    hope your brain gets un muddled soon!!

    lots of love