And the nominee's are ......

Sorry for lack of updating lately.
Following on from my last post I've been feeling very up and down still this last week, and I didn't want to blog until I was feeling better. One of my lovely transplant co-ordinators phoned me last week to see how i was as she knew I'd been feeling down. Things like that really make you feel like they care, you're not just a number, its funny how much it cheered me up.
Anyway I have been feeling a bit better so I'm back!!

I have some exciting news now. Today I recieved a letter from the cf trust. My mum (she really is the best mum in the world) has nominted me for the Trust's breathing life awards, basically an awards night for people with CF. I am very honoured to have been short listed and invited to the ceremony on 28th May!

My mum, dad and me are all going up to London and stay overnight in the Hilton Metropole hotel, we get a 4 course meal and entry to the awards night. Winners are announced on the night and its all rather exciting! I'm very nervous, especially as I have to record a small film to play on the night, cue grinning idiot who is too nervous to say anything!

I will also get to buy a posh frock to wear,which I will throw myself into whole heartedly as any good nominee should ;)
Bear in mind I only found out this morning and I have already trawled the internet and tried on one nice dress this afternoon!

I'm also very happy with the terrible weather! I absolutely LOVE it when its raining and cold, and you can snuggle up all warm indoors. It has been snow storms here on and off all day.
I'm telling you that being pushed in a wheelchair against gail force winds,snow and hail, is incredibly cold but also lots of fun!

Physio time now and then a nice hot bath (with gorgeous lush products) and snuggling up in bed later with snacks and a dvd! bliss!


  1. Your evening sounds like heaven i might steal the idea and do the same hehe. Fabulous news about being nominated, good luck honey and when they come around to make a short film pretend your that star on stage and hopefully all your nerves will fade away. sending lots of love your way. xx

  2. You SO deserve that nomination chicky, WELL DONE! Oh and you wouldn't be loving this cold weather if you lived in my house as we currently have no heating and no hot water *wails*!!! The boiler packed up two days ago - great timing over Easter hey?! At least I can stay snug in my bed with a hot water bottle LOL! xxxxxx

  3. Woohoooo!!!

    Go you, congrats on the nomination can't wait to see you on the telly and tell everyone I know ya.

    A bath...whats that then we don't have one in this house and if I want a soak I have to plug the shower hole and spread myself out in the tray.

    Enjoy your evening chuck.

  4. i already know about the awards but am still soo excited for you! dont be nervous with the video just be yourself!
    have you tried betsey johnson for dresses? bit expensive but you will be on tv so worth it!!!

  5. You deserve that nomination sweetie as Emmie said!! huge congrats xx