Ahoy there me hearties!


Today is International Talk like a Pirate Day (yes it is a real day and not something i have made up). Its a day to celebrate all things piratey and to talk pirate talk, cue lots of "Arrrgghh's" "landlubbers" and "shiver me timbers"! I didn't know anything about pirates day until a few months ago when a very good friend Rich, told me about it. He quite fancy's an alternative life as a pirate leading a life on the ocean waves! and has even managed to get me on board.

Anyway its his influence which is why i will be lapsing into pirate talk during the day and have a strong urge to buy a parrot and an eye patch ;) Why don't you try piratey fun by clicking here! (How clever am I at adding links! )
On other non pirate related news, I have done my weekly weigh in 2 today. I have gained again but only by 0.2 kg, which I must admit is a bit disappointing. However as everyone is keen to point out, it has gone up and i can't expect it to pile on all at once.

I'm still eating as much as I can which isn't going too badly but is making me feel a bit down. At the moment all I seem to do is eat, take medication, do physio/nebs, feel the after effects of eating with a stomach thats not keen on food eg sickness, nausea, stomach cramps, check blood sugars etc. This is how its always been but with the addition of all this extra stuff lately and the fact that I can't do very much else outside the house its quite draining.

Its been made even more hard as I miss all the things I can't do easily at the moment. My sister and her family have gone away to Florida for 2 weeks (after waking up on the day they were supposed to fly to hear their airline had gone bust and having to make alternative arrangements for a few days time). My sis, her partner and their son have gone along with her partners parents, last time me and my parents went in place of Stuarts parents. As you can imagine we all wish we were there with them, and although we are glad that they can go away it also reminds us once again that we can't. It is so hard to get up to the theatre at the moment as i get so tired and have to take all my wheelchair,oxygen, etc with me (I miss it a lot). Even cinema and restaurant trips are getting harder.

In light of this I have made a decision. With my Open University course finishing soon I will soon be without anything pressing to do each day. I have noticed lately that if I wake up and have no plans for the day, nothing that needs to be done, I get very depressed. It kind of makes me think "why bother getting up at all?" so in light of having some very depressed days this week and a lot of thinking, I have applied for another course starting this October. Its only a level 1 course so shouldnt be too taxing but is another step on the road to a degree so I think its the right decision to start it now. Its also slightly different to my other courses and focuses on society and social science. I think this is a positive step for me even if its not quite what i planned.

So anyway, Godspeed ye' scallywags! Don't be walking the plank any time soon, enjoy thee weekend and drink copious amounts of rum! YARR! xxx


  1. On your strict instructions Captain I've done the rum and very nice it was too *hic*

    Big well done you for getting another course underway, I'm doing Sociology and can't make head nor tail of it yet ;-)

    Sending much love your way and totally impressed with your positiveness Long John.


  2. yea i knew of the talk like a pirate day, when I was in my obsessed with pirates of the caribbean phase!!

    well done on joining another course, thats great!!
    hope you enjoy it


  3. Waiting on a tx is such a bore - all those treatments, eating, resting, eating some more, more treatments. It is so tiresome! But I think you have to see it as a job - the job is to stay as well as possible for the tx. Then you can forget all that routine and life will finally get going!! I'm not saying you can't have fun just now...I'm just saying the boring bit is not forever :-)

    and well done on signing up for another course. Go you!
    jac x

  4. Sending you a great big huggle for all this poo-ness sweetie (that's an official word LOL!) All this hard work is going to be worth it though when you get your transplant and can recover from it faster and better than you would otherwise. Great news that you are starting another course! I'm so busy trying to get this one finished that I haven't had chance to think of the next one! Tons of love xxxx

  5. Thanks for giving a link to your blog on The Wright Stuff's FB page.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to receive your transplant soon and, of course, I'll spread the word about organ donation.

    All good wishes,
    Angela (Jupp) x