The girl done good...

Quick blog to let you know how dreaded clinic went. In actual fact, (I think I have all your positive thoughts to blame) clinic went pretty well. My weight was still 44.2kg the same as when I did it in the week, but was up on my last clinic visit. My lung function had actually improved a tiny bit, not enough to matter an awful lot but I am still very grateful to have improved slightly. Everyone seemed pleased with me, I saw a registrar and they were really impressed that Im this far down the line and doing well. Next appointment in 4 months! (YAY!!!!)
The slightly downside was a conversation with my gastric dr, he was lovely as always but had nothing new to help with my problems and had some thoughts about feeding immediately post transplant. Also the fact that the clinic was packed and everyone had hacking coughs wasn't good. Obviously no one can help it, but it does mae you feel very vulnerable when you are relatively well and at risk of picking something up.
All in all a better day than I could have hoped :)
It took us 3 hours to get home which was a bit rubbish after a long day. We sailed through London but got stuck in traffic nearer to home and it was total gridlock. Still we got there in the end!
Thanks to everyone who thought and prayed for me, Its very very uch appreciated! Especially Laura who left 2 comments wishing me well, hope your feeling better now and enjoyed Disney when you went? I tried to email you to say thank you but couldn't find an address or contact details.
Anyway thats my visit in a nutshell, I'm so pleased its over and that it went well. Hope you all have a good week, I'll update again soon xxxxxxxx


  1. Glad clinic wasn't as bad as expected ;-) At least that's it for another wee while...and hopefully you will get the call before next clinic anyway!!

  2. YAHOO!
    so glad to hear your apts went well i guess its safe to say God is listening! maybe that means he is working on those new set of lungs as well. you are so sweet to think of me, i am good, my cruddy thing is now over with the help of a good dr. and some strong antibotics. Disney was great as always, but very busy and i didnt get any fish and chips. there is always next time.
    keep feeling better and i will continue to pray for that ultimate gift!

    ps...i will continue to pray even if (expecially) you dont feel better.

  3. yea glad its over for a while cos thats how i feel, like its an annoying chore and its relief when its over!

    speak soon

    love xxxx