market economy... Done!

Just a quick post today. Not much to report but thought I would drop in and give you an update.
I finished my very difficult and throughly boring essay yesterday. Hopefully it will be ok but to be honest by the end i was just desperate to finish it rather than caring to much about the content! After two weeks of trying to understand the market economy, the price mechanism,externaliites and some weird guff about an invisible hand and elbow (seriously dont ask....) i had offically had enough! Its strange but although ive struggled with other courses this one is the hardest even though its actually a level down from my last course. I suppose its just a case of what clicks in your mind and what doesn't.

I did a weigh in this week and am now up to 44kg, slightly disappointed as i thought it would be more, but at least its up and I wont moan about that! My chest is feeling a bit rubbish today but im sure it will clear up in a few days.
I've had a worrying week with a good friend of mine (my piratey friend mentioned in previous posts) has been very very ill in hospital. He also has CF and had caught one of the nasties going round which caused his lung function to drop to a low level and fighting what seemed to be a losing battle. It has been very touch and go but in the last few days he seems to have turned a corner and is coming on really well. He is a strong, caring, inspirational guy and I am so glad that he is on the mend and am proud to call him my friend. Well done hun!

I had a good weekend which involved simple but nice things. It is getting very scary at the moment with the amount of bugs going around and the severity of them. Most of the seem to go straight to peoples chests and perfectly healthy people are taking weeks to recover, I cant imagine the effect on my poor little lungs while they are so week. Many hospitals have closed there doors recently because they have no more beds and pneumonia is at a high. That said I am trying to avoid going out as the risks seem too high. So I settled for a ride out in the car at the weekend, safe and getting out of the house for a while and on Sunday my sister S had us over for a post Christmas buffet. I got to play with my nephew who seemed to enjoy spending time with us, laughing and showing us all his toys! It was a really lovely evening. Just getting out for a few hours did me the world of good and lifted m spirits without extra worry.

Hoping you all have a great week and speak again soon xx


  1. hey,
    no wonder you struggled with your essay it sounds so hard and...boring! which you are not!! you love all the theatre and drama stuff!
    Your weekend sounds nice - sometimes the spur of the moment quick things are more enjoyable!
    Everyone is ill, and getting bad so you be a good girl like you already mentioned and steer clear! Im telling you buy a good tv boxset, and the hours fly by!! Ask me for recommendations!
    lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. hello my lovely, glad to hear you're ok but wishing you're feeling better soon. Will pop round soon...its been so long and i really miss you, im just petrified i might give you something. Will ring 2mo me thinks :)

    Oodles of love and kisses x x x x x

  3. well done on getting it finished, it must be a load of your mind and a rather satisfying feeling to have it done. I know what you mean about all the bugs around at the moment, this may sounds odd but have you heard of vicks first defence?! it's very good and I always take it when going out to places like cinema etc. just a though! xx

  4. your last class sounds simply boarish. I was never great in my econ classes past macro. great to here you are doing well, the nasty crud has been thick here this year as well. on a happier note i will be going to Disney this comming weekend, so i will tell all of the princesses you say hay!
    please stay healthy
    praying in florida