Inside Out (UPDATED)

Hi all,
Sorry I haven’t blogged for ages, but as usual Uni work is taking up all my spare time even though I’ve been dying to write for ages. Anyway hope to be blogging again very soon but just wanted to let you all know that a piece I filmed for BBC 1 Inside Out London is going to be shown tomorrow (Monday 22nd) at 7.30pm. For those of you not in the London area I will post a link to view it online very soon. Basically the half hour show deals with 3 stories and the piece that I feature in lasts about 10 minutes and shows different angles and stories from the whole process of organ donation. I probably wont feature very much but I think it will be a fantastic and emotive piece about the good that donation can do.
Here is the link to view online, the donation story starts 10mins 30 into the programme. Its only availiable for a few days I think so hope you catch it!


  1. Will definately tune in, I lost my oldest childhood friend last week and his family decided to donate his organs, we have all taken comfort from it :)

  2. I'm not in the London region but will try to track down the show on iPlayer. All good wishes.

  3. cant wait to see it...post soon please

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  5. Hi, I've just come accross your blog. It makes very interesting reading. Organ transplantation is something very close to my heart, my mother had a transplant in 2008. It was a very difficult time for every one in the family, but its only when I think about it now that I realise just how hard it was on us all. Like you, I wish people would wise up to the issue and carry doner cards.
    Best of luck