National Transplant Week

This week is National Transplant Week and as well as writing a blog update which you can find here I also wanted to post a special one.

Not only is it Transplant Week this week but on the 9th I will have waited for a transplant for 4 YEARS. 4 years of waiting and hoping that my life will be saved, 7 false alarm calls for transplant and still no successful match. It is heart breaking. On the other hand it is 4 years I wasn't expected to see at all, 4 years of heartache but also good times, happy times and for all the crap I wouldn't have missed it for a second. When I was put on the list 4 years ago I wasn't expected to live for 18months. Now the toll on my body is more than ever before, I can feel a change for the worst and I don't know how much longer I can hold on before things start to turn even more.

I have made a video appeal to ask people to consider becoming an organ donor. Without a transplant there is no hope for me. Please watch my plea and pass it on to spread the message far and wide, to FB pages, twitter, add to your blogs, send to email contacts. PLEASE. You can do something today and save lifes of people waiting each day for their lives to start. I wouldn't ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't do myself, I am fully registered as a donor and vividly remember telling my parents as a child that I wanted to help someone if I died. My transplant might never come but if my heart, kidneys, liver or any other organs could give someone else a chance I would want that without any hesitation. Good coming out of tragedy.

The full version is here http://t.co/k9pOX2O

And the shorter version is here. http://t.co/Ct8LdYG

Please share them and help the 10,000 people waiting for a transplant, 3 of whom die each day because their call doesn't come in time. Needless preventable deaths that we can stop.

Thank you for your support. xxx


  1. I have posted your video on my Facebook status asking people to sign the register - your voice is being heard, stay strong.

  2. Hiya hunni, just stopping by to say hello and send all my love. x x x

  3. I think you are an incredibly strong, inspiring and beautiful young woman. I signed up for the register after watching your videos. Much love. James

  4. Hi

    I thought this quote from your recent newspaper piece was very powerful.

    "most people don’t realise that you are more likely to need a transplant than become a donor.

    “Anyone could need a transplant at some stage. Would you be willing to take an organ but not give one?”

    I'm going to repost it on my facebook. Might help convince some of those people who are a bit squeamish about becoming a donor.

  5. "Fear thou not; for I am with thee" - Isaiah 41:10