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Hey guys 😊

Thanks for all the lovely comments after my last blog (see post below). It was a really hard one to hit publish on, but I think it was really important to get it out and to hopefully encourage others to talk about their experiences too. Depression isn't anything to be ashamed of and I think it's great that other bloggers are talking about it too. 

Anyway it has been a hectic few days! I've been struggling a bit with pain and medication side effects the last few days so I've been a bit all over the place. As I told you last time I got a cancellation appointment for Sunday to get a CT scan on my hands to look at the tendons, muscles and ligaments. My mum and I journeyed up to London for the second time in a week, and arrived at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital. Must say they are a great hospital, always clean, reminders to clean hands all round the hospital, and staff are always friendly and helpful. I was called for my scan and went in to the consulting room. Was told to hop up on the bed... 'Okay' I thought, then to lie down 'hmmm oh okay'. Then the doctor proceeded to put some paper towel over my middle.....'hmmm that's weird'. Then they asked me to lift up my top.....'erm what?! Why?!'. It turns out there were two referrals on the system and I was actually booked for a liver scan! It was quite amusing with me keep saying 'no hands!' And holding them up (you know, just to make it clear) and them saying 'no it's definitely a liver scan!'. So, I got my liver scan ticked off at least and all looked ok so that's good.

Mum and I got some lunch from Carluccio's again and once again the service and meal were brilliant! They made a special gluten free for me and it was so light and tasty. Thumbs up to Carluccio's it's one of my new favourites. We then decided to go and check out Harrods Christmas department because they are just round the corner and if you didn't know I adore Christmas! Harrods display always makes me feel like a little kid, and I missed it hugely when I was too ill to go. So I always go each year to enjoy it all the more for missing out. I mean just look at the prettiness!!!

Mum bought me this little piece of gorgeousness which I'm thinking I might keep out all year 😃

We then walked round the food department which again is incredible! Had a horrendous journey home with road closures, and was glad to be home as my pain was pretty bad by then and I was struggling to get about.

Then on Monday I got a call to come and see the pain team at Harefield tomorrow. I cannot believe how many quick appointments I've had! I'm hopeful but very daunted as its a big thing for me to hopefully get help with. It's come at the right time, because it's really getting me down to be hurting so much. I've had 3 appointments in the last 11 days which has been a bit of a downer mentally. 

I'll leave you with some photos of cakes I've been making for clients this last week, two more for Saturday so lots of sitting down decorating! 
Princess Sofia cake 

Sugar skull cupcake toppers, hand painted.

Gluten free dark chocolate brownies with cranberries. Mmmm! 

See more of my cakes at my business https://www.facebook.com/Scrumdiddlyumptiouscakesandtreats

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