Musicals, markets and munchies!

This week I've been lucky enough to get out and about a bit 😊

I've still been struggling with the steroids and especially my diabetes, and the change of weather has done something weird to my joints/bones/pain level which isn't fun. But on Monday I was able to go up to Holborn to see my friend Pippa. Before we met I popped into Spitalfields market, one of my favourite places, it was lovely to have a half hour mooch round the market, they also had an African market, which was a riot of vibrant colour that left you feeling cheery despite the gloom and rain. When I met Pippa we went to another favourite My Old Dutch in Holborn. It's a gorgeous pancake house, once again hued in beautiful colours where you can sit and chomp for ages! They do a lovely cup of tea too 😉 I'm trying to cut out gluten at the moment as my tummy hasn't been liking it recently and they kindly made me a gluten free pancake. I had a cinnamon and pear pancake it was delicious.... And seriously huge! That said their savoury ones are divine too. Their fries are also in fact the most amazing fries ever. Lovely staff, yummy food, highly recommended! 

We had a little mooch round Covent Garden which had been installed with a huge piece of art composed of balloons which I thought I would love but in fact made me feel oppressed and claustrophobic.... Moving swiftly on! then I headed home and Pippa went off to work.
I had to rest up most of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mainly due to pain :( 

It was worth it to rest up for Friday. I had been wanting to see Gypsy for ages. I've never seen the film (shame on me), but have recently got into the soundtrack, I'm a sucker for a score! My friend Claire had seen it before and informed me that I had to go. So we booked up and met up for dinner before the show too.

We went to Garfunkels on the Strand but was quite disappointed with the access to the restaurant. Claire uses crutches and has difficulty with steps, so we had picked restaurant specifically with this in mind as their website stated 'disabled access'. However there was a step into the building (how you'd manage the entrance in a wheelchair is beyond me) and the toilets were downstairs so not very accessible. However, Gypsy was amazing. Imelda Staunton ruled the whole show and gave an incredibly moving performance. The rest of the cast were excellent too. It's only on until No ember and I suggest if you can, go see it! The theatre itself is great, we were in the dress circle and the view was perfect but looking round there wasn't a bad seat in the house. Definitely worth a ticket. 

I've literally heard today that I can get my spinal MRI done tomorrow (picked my jaw up off the floor as such speed never happens!) so will be a pretty tired Tor by Sunday! Off to sleep now. X


  1. Thanks for the update Tor. And the reminder that seeking out colour and songs is rewarding.

  2. The first part of your blog post made me a little melancholic, 'cause Spitalfields is close to the first flat I lived in during my London internship (the house was rather seedy, though *shudder*), and the Holborn Old Dutch is close to where I worked. It's so nice to see that this restaurant chain is still going strong, while it seems to be a fast come and go with many other shops and restaurants. Looks like their menu card grew even bigger, yum!