My Christmas Tree!

I'm So, as you know I'm a big fan of Christmas. Not even the actual day so much as the lead up and meet ups with friends, decorations, festivities etc.

When I was at my illness I used to find this time of year so difficult. Desperately wanting to be involved but not even being able to decorate our tree I was so weak. I bought a full size xmas tree for my bedroom because I spent so long there and barely saw the tree downstairs. 

Now I'm better I still have to rein myself in a bit or I get exhausted! But I remember and cherish every year that I get to do all the things that I couldn't manage and would never manage again. 

So I thought I would share with you my Christmas tree, fully decorated by me! My room is very small but I still manage to squeeze in the full size tree and who cares if I get a few bruises from there being a little less space! 

I have no theme for my tree it's made up of ornaments that all mean something to me and I am terrible for adding to my collection! That said, there is a sort of theme....glitter! I do love a bit of sparkle.

These are a few of my favourites that I'll randomly talk about. So the treble clef is for my love of all things musical and singing (plus it's super sparkly!). Plus it's more relevant than ever now because this year I started to learn music theory and just took my grade 3 exam. 

I have a big love of Disney too so there are a lot of disney ornaments on my tree. Pinnochio is a big part of my childhood and Jiminy Cricket and When you Wish Upon a Star, we're both of huge significance as I grew up and during my wait for transplant. This Jiminy is so gorgeous I love him!

Two new additions this year because the Disney collection was just so cute I could seriously have bought and bought. First is Belle, I love Beauty and the Beast and wish I was Belle, she loves tea and reading and she's damn feisty too! I also bought Mary Poppins because she is musical related and I just thought she was brilliant although I do keep getting tempted to adorn her with some glitter!

London is another of my favourite things, and is therefore represented on my tree! I have a postbox, and a bus on there but I love this blown glass Big Ben. 

A wonderful addition this year I forgot about until I unwrapped it. Just before new year last year my friend and I went to Paris for a couple of days which was amazing. I bought an Eiffel Tower decoration at the Eiffel Tower and with what's been happening there lately I was so happy to have it hanging on my tree.

Every tree needs a Father Christmas and I can't remember where I got mine but I know I loved him immediately and often gets comments on how cute he is. He is super super sparkly and is made from tin so really traditional as santa should be. He's always at the front of my tree.

If there's an opportunity to get something theatre or stagey in my life I seize it. My mum and I try to make an annual visit to Harrods to see there Christmas department and this year she bought me this beautiful mask. One day I'll have a whole tree (one of about 20) that is just full of theatre decorations!

Another Harrods find last year was this Popcorn ornament. I love the glass ones as I think they are so traditional and bright. I also have a hotdog, a macaroon, and a teapot. Food is a bit of a mini theme!

A golden oldie is another glass dec, this time a skater boot. I don't skate, never have and probably never should with my level of clumsiness/breakable body! But I loved this on sight as its so detailed and Christmassy!

Finally, a star for the top of my tree, I prefer a star to any other topper and I love stars, there are lots of gold ones on my tree. Underneath is a special gift. My sister doesn't craft, or sew, or make. But when I was in having my transplant she made me these lungs with the year on them. I was so so touched. They go up by the star every year in pride of place.

And here is my tree in its glorious, glittering, entirety! 
I hope that wasn't too boring and you enjoyed seeing my decorations and knowing a bit about them ( i love things like this as I'm so nosy!). I'd love to hear about your decorations and see photos of them. Leave me a comment! Xx


  1. And who is this figurine in the pinkish dress close to the foot of the tree? Disney's Rapunzel? Or Barbie? :)

    ...Well, the most special thing about our tree is that we still use wax candles, I guess. I don't know any other family who continues to do that, though shops still sell Christmas tree candles here so there must be a few like us left. Wait, didn't this one boy from primary school tell me they also still use real candles? Woah, I might have just remembered something from over 20 years ago for the first time.

    I am saddened that the candle custom died out so very quickly when electric fairy lights came along. I know people use them for safety reasons, but at our trees not even a twig has caught fire yet.
    Also, there's nothing like the smell of lit candles. :3 (Doesn't have to be scented candles, regular ones do just fine for me!)


  2. Merry Christmas! I'm sorry i'm late. But your tree looks perfect. And now Happy New Year.

  3. Hi Carola,
    I would be terrified of real candles on my tree but also love the idea of using them! Would love to see a pic of your tree. Lady in pink on my tree is Rapunzel, love tangled so much.
    Agree with the candle smell thing, hate most scented ones but plain candles are so cosy. Xxxx

  4. Aw Kanika you're so lovely thank you, I adore my tree and your comment made my day 😀 xxx

  5. Its look like happy Christmas. :)
    Really I loved your tree. Its looking too much lovely. Sorry for being late wish. Belated Merry Christmas.