My Bucket List

Right, so as promised here is the wish list. Some are more important to me than others but all things I'd like to do big or small. I've been reading/watching stuff about the law of attraction and not only that but just general positive thinking and imagining the life you want. And basically it can't hurt so I'm putting these things that have lived in my head out there into the world! 
I will probably add to the list, again, suggestions welcome but will also cross off too and update you maybe at the end of the year. Got it? Right lets go! 

1) To perform in Londons The Phantom of the Opera. If I had to give up the chance of everything else on this list in order to do this I probably would. I realise that while performing terrifies me, it is literally the happiest I ever feel too. Phantom as I've explained before means more than I can explain to me, in short this is the dream that has always got me through the hardest times of my life. It is always there. I'm actually getting emotional so yes, ultimate goal. 

2) In addendum to this, one of the happiest weeks of my life was when I did work experience at Les Miserables. I felt for the first time I truly belonged there. So work experience/shadowing on any west end shows. Being in any west end shows or spending a little time with some of my musical theatre icons who can share their experiences and tips. 

3) To continue learning so more drama based courses. Most appealing at the moment are an accent course and a stage combat course (despite the shattery bones and bruises like a peach!).

4) Again, mentioned him here before, but John Owen Jones is my favourite singer and actor. His voice is sublime. To duet with him would be out of this world but also makes me feel physically sick with nerves!

5) Run (complete) the London marathon. Yes really.

6) To visit the Globe Theatre.

7) To visit Portabello Rd Market.

8) visit the Sky Garden bar.

9) Afternoon tea at the Athenaeum. 

10) Buy flowers at Colombia Rd flower market.

11) pillow and secret cinemas

12) Brighton for a weekend.

13) To go to New York.

14) See a Broadway show.

15) visit the Broadway Cares market as it literally looks like my heaven.

16) Visit Italy: Rome, Vienna, Murano, Venice. 

17) Water taxi in Venice.

18) Go to the Easter market in Austria.

19) German Chistmas market.

20) go to Sardinia.

21) Ride on a motorbike.

22) Ride the Orient Express on New Year's Eve. My friend did this is looked amazing!

23) find a special someone. 

24)Leave a lock on the love bridge in Paris for my donor. 

25) Stay in an overwater bungalow.

26) make a difference, a real difference to someone's life. 
27) go to Wales.

28) visit Ireland.
29) Visit Scotland.

30) Return to Florida for my 30th next year. 

31) Watch the changing of the guard, did it as a kid but would appreciate it now.

32) To visit the set of Once Upon A Time, my new obsession. Or to meet Robert Carlyle who is amazing! 

33) to see my lung function reach more than 3 litres, it currently sits at around 2.7 x

So that's it for now but always ready to hear new suggestions! 

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  1. A bucket list! Kudos to you for writing one! Personally I shy away from doing one ... but if I ever do try my own one (*doubt*), visiting Les Mis in London might probably be a part of it.

    When you come to Germany for the Christmas market, and in case you pick a market in Bavaria, maybe let the Internet know beforehand and we could meet up? I could try to play guide! :)
    I could also give a few recommendations for fine markets.

    Vienna is DA BOMB, I am sure you will love it as well. So much architectural and cultural beauty. And the two musical theatres and the opera present their shows now also with English subtitles for the visitors from abroad!! :D Ah, pity, I would have loved to hear your opinion on the musical "Elisabeth" (not about the Queen but about the last Austrian Empress), but its last performance in Vienna ended ca. two years ago, the tour that followed also just ended, and I think it will be a while now until it is brought to the stage again. Oh well-!

    Also, Germany and Austria are getting slowly but surely better and better in providing menue options for people with food allergies (I should know, I can't stomach lactose anymore), so especially in the big cities I think it shouldn't be very hard to get tasty gluten-free snacks.

    - Carola