Happy Nurses Day


Unplanned blog b cause I'm a bit rubbish and didn't realise today was Nurses day. As you may or may not have realised, I have had a lot of dealings with the medical profession since I was very small. Along the way I've had some truly horrific experiences, but I have also met some absolutely inspiring people, many of whom are nurses, without whom I wouldn't be here today but without them my life would have been a lot less happy.

Why are nurses amazing?

1)They have to do some pretty gross jobs that neither you want to have done to you as a patient nor do they want to do as a nurse. However a good nurse will not only do it but make things so much easier for you a long the way. After transplant in ICU I was prepared for almost everything. Except being washed. Never occurred to me and when I realised what was about to happen I was utterly humiliated. My nurses however made is so much easier on me, treating me with dignity and respect, talking to me, joking. Soon something that appalled me was much less of an ordeal.

2) Nurses will often go the extra mile. I've had nurses bake me brownies when I wouldn't eat, bring me magazines, offer to cook me dinners at home and bring them in, bought me toys when I was little, offer me a slice of their pizza or made me a cup of tea when I couldn't leave my room

3)Often you have a lot of questions as a patient and sometimes when your vulnerable or not feeling great, you may not understand what's being told to you or need someone to fight your corner. Nurses have often sat with me and explained things on spoken to others and pushed for help on my behalf.

4) They can really make your hospital stay a huge amount better. I walk into clinic and get hugs, smiles and hellos from my nurses. It's like seeing old friends. And for someone who has dreaded hospitals for most of her life to be so comfortable there now is saying something.

5) Nurses are there for patient and family. I will always be grateful to my nurses, if for nothing relating to my care then for looking after my parents when I was doing some medical disaster at one point or another. Friendly words, getting an update on their child's condition or a simple gesture of kindness will never be forgotten.

6) Aside from their medical duties they are often really involved in you personally. They celebrate your achievements, and push you when they know you can do better.

7) These amazing people can make or break your day. They help you through, hold you, smile with you, make you laugh, console you, comfort you, have a gossip, hold your hand when you are terrified. Their care is indescribable in the healing process. I literally have too many memories of going through my darkest hours but it being bearable because a nurse held my hand, calmed me down, distracted me, stroked my hair. 

8) Nurses do the little things that maybe others forget, usually they are the things that make the biggest impact.

9) They often become friends, because they are the most caring, kind, incredibly special individuals on the planet. 

10) Oh, and they save lives everyday as well as providing top class medical care. 

Thank you to all the wonderful nurses who have looked after me and got me where I am today. 
Happy Nurses Day

PS as a side note to the above, don't you think we should be supporting these amazing people who care for us in our darkest hours rather than paying them so little they need to use food banks, and have to work under increasingly difficult conditions? Just a thought. Support our nurses and our NHS. 


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