Yesterday was quite a good day really. Firstly I managed to finish reading this weeks study notes for my course. I better explain about that, for those of you who don't know, I volunteered for a few years at my old primary school before applying for a paid postition and being employed as a teaching assistant. I loved the job but sadly had to give it up after a year because of my health. When I gave my notice I decided that I would need something else to occupy me or else I would go mad.
I have always wanted to get a degree but uni was never an option with my health in recent years. I thought, what better time to do something constructive and looked into the open university. I'm now on my first of 6 courses that make up a degree. Its hard work but can be done mainly from home so is ideal for me. Yesterday I registered my place for my second course which starts beginning of Feb. It means an overlap of both courses for a couple of months but at least its not a big gap doing nothing which was my other option. I foresee alot of work ahead!
I mentioned in my last blog that I liked craft work. Now is probably a good time to mention I also adore Christmas!(hence why my tree has been up since mid november...)
Anyway, in July I ordered a 130 wooden letters....(bear with me)
I drilled, painted, glittered,decorated and varnished each one and hung them on silver or gold thread. The idea being that I would sell them at the primary school christmas bazaar, mum's could buy the intials of their children to hang on the christmas tree. Unfortunately I was advised against selling them myself as there are so many bugs and nasties going round, I'd be at risk of catching something. So my mum and nan, went to sell them for me. To my suprise they sold fantastically and I only had 9 left over! I made nearly £100 so well worth doing!
I have to admit they looked really good and I enjoyed doing them but I'm glad they're done now! I got quite manic towards the end trying to get them finished!
Had a nice night in with my best friend who is training to be a hairdresser. We got a takeaway and she trimmed and blow dryed my hair for me. She is brilliant!
So a good day in all really.
Today I must start making my Christmas cards and write a list of outstanding presents...... a nice glass of wine this evening I think and a christmas DVD.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Ps Thanks for the emails and messages you sent about my first blog entry.Feel free to write a comment if you liked it,I've now altered it so you don't need to have your own blog or anything to be able to publish comments :)

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  1. hey

    you sound good and busy!

    i want to see a pic of your well selling xmas decoration!

    good luck on your courses over the months, keep me updated