New Blog

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but couldn't decide if it was for me or not. A friend recently started her own blog and encouraged me to do the same... so here I am! I don't know if I'll post very often but thought it might be good to get down some of the feelings and thoughts I have while waiting on the list and if I am lucky enough to get that all important call, an excellent reminder of ust how far I've come.

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Tor, and I'm 20. I was born with the genetic condition Cystic Fibrosis which has now taken its toll on my lungs, leaving me dependant on oxygen 24/7, and makes everyday tasks very difficult for me. After a slow decline in lung function over the last couple of years, I was approached about transplant early this year. I underwent 2 weeks of tests assessing me mentally and physically and was eventually placed on the waiting list for a double lung transplant on the 9th July 2007.

There is no saying how long I will wait for organs and sadly due to the chronic lack of donors only 50% of people on the list will recieve that life changing call before its too late.

While being on the list is a huge whirlwind of scary, confusing emotions from one day to the next, it is also the chance of my life improving to a level I have only dreamed of and that is worth the risks for me. I have so many things I want to acomplish yet!!!

So thats my situation at the moment but theres more to me than my illness. My big passion in life is musical theatre, and my fave show is The Phantom of the Opera, I adore it and my ultimate wish is to star in it one day. I love to sing and after my transplant want to train properly as an actress.
I have a wonderful family, my mum is amazing she helps me so much on so many levels. I can honestly say that in all i have gone through I've never faced a second of it without her by my side. She is my angel. I also have my dad, 2 sisters and 2 beautiful nephews who make my life complete.

I'm rubbish at sports (always have been) like art and crafts and am always pottering at something. I have a few good friends who know me very well, love to go out for dinner at various locals, quiet drinks at the pub, singing (ALL the time), watching tv and flms, shopping and the colour pink.
Oh and I have zero sense of direction, utterly hopeless.

So thats me really..... hope that wasn't too boring!

I'll post again soon.


  1. Lovely to have a blog to read to keep up with your news hunni! Looking very pink and pretty it is too! I'm looking forward to coming to watch you in a musical in the West End when you get your new lungs - I love musicals! Really want to go to see Hairspray and am seeing Mama Mia in January for my Birthday. Huge hugs xxxx

  2. welcome to the world of blogging sweetiepie!

    As an experienced blogger (ehem) I feel I should give you some words of advice.

    *be as honest as you can - don't "sheild" the readers from the nitty gritty
    *it's your blog - you write what you want - don't apologise.
    *have fun! yay!


  3. hey tor!

    Im lovin the idea of you doing a blog!

    keep well and your spirits up!

    becky xxx

    ps of course it not boring you silly gal!