Yesterday I went back to the primary school I used to work in. I've avoided this like the plague for months as i've been so worried about catching a virus or cold etc. I needed to do an activity in order to write my current essay so carefully picked my time to go. It was great seeing everyone and seeing the building developments that have happened since I was there last.
I really enjoy my OU work, its so satisfying to know i'm doing something worthwhile and although I can't do much physically at the moment, and alot of avenues are closed off to me this is something I CAN do.
You may remember in a previous post I explained that the next course I need to do has an overlap with my current one. It was a choice between an overlap or waiting 9 months without any course till the next start date. I decided to go with the overlap, it would be tricky but how hard could it be? the answer is VERY!
The new course materials were sent to me today and, in short I dont think I can do it. It is such a massive workload to run both together, even for a few months. At the moment I honestly think I'm going to have to quit the new course before its even begun. People who know me have heard me panic before and then after I've calmed down, managed to work things out but in this case I really can't see that happening.
The amount of work is just unfathomable, I cant make any sense of it. Despite this, I'm loathed to give up. I feel that my life is already full of so many compromises that why should I be prevented from doing yet another thing?
On the other hand, I want to have time to go out once a week to do something, and I dont want to make myself ill from taking on to much. Its a difficult one.
I'm looking into possible ways forward and will let you know what happens. Watch this space.

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  1. hey hunni, just been catching up on your life! oh im so annoyed that i dont know 1/2 of whats going on! :( blogs great tho!!!

    sorry 2 hear about your course, dont know what to say apart from, please take it easy and DONT STRESS its not good 4 u! you're very precious. looking 4ward to seeing you so much babe