fingers crossed!

Well, I'm feeling abit calmer now. After my blog I got in touch with the tutor for my current course telling her exactly how I felt and admitting that i couldn't cope. This is quite a big thing for me as i find it very hard to ask for help. I dont like to be treated any differently,unfortunately with the situation i'm in now i find myself having to ask for help more often, which if i look on the positive side is a good thing, there is no shame in it.
Anyway back to the story, i went to sleep feeling worried and disheartened. When I came online next day my tutor had got back to me. She was so supportive, i immediately felt better. She has told me that she will help wherever possible and we discussed how best she could help me.
As i did well with my current essays, i can afford to miss one out which should give me the time i need. This way even in a worst case scenario i should pass my course.
Even though it will still be rough, hopefully it won't be impossible now! Feeling much better about the whole thing and am trying to get as much done before the course officially starts on friday.
Thanks for all the messages of support i recieved hope your all well and ill post again soon,xxxx

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