The Phantom of the opera is HERE!

Yesterday was a very special day for me as I had a very special visitor. Thanks to some wonderfully lovely individuals who know how much I love Phantom and a happy set of conicidences, I spent the afternoon sitting on my sofa talking to THE phantom of the opera. It is not even worth me trying to describe how much this meant to me and how happy it made me because I could never do it justice, but suffice to say if i could have my pick of anyone in the world he would be top of my list.
The Phantoms name is Ramin, and he is my favourite actor in the role. He is particularly special as his childhood dream was to be the Phantom and now he has achieved this. I have spoken to him via email before and when my friend approached him he offered to come and visit me. It seemed unreal when he walked through the door, and gave me a big hug and a kiss.
I sat very quietly, (it has to be said like a bit of a moron actually), while Ramin told me everything about being the Phantom and how he got there. He was the most charming, kind, friendly and interesting man (not too mention handsome) who had taken time out of his very busy schedule to pay me a visit. I can't begin to say how much that means but it was a treat I could never have imagined and completely made my year!
He left about 2 hours later, leaving me with some Phantom memorabilia and posing for some photos (sitting next to a grinning idiot!) and promising to stay in touch.
If you're reading this Ramin, thank you for an absolutely perfect day, it meant the whole world to me and words can't describe that. Even now I can't stop smiling.
I think another visit to her majesty's will be on the cards soon....


  1. wow!!

    how cool for you!!

    please post or send me pics if u can!

    why did you not text me?????

  2. hey sweetie

    wow what a fantastic treat!! Am jealous ;) Weirdly I am off to see Phantom tomorrow.... (3rd time, but A has never seen it so am taking him).

    Glad you had a lovely time xxx

  3. Ooooh how exciting for you! Have you any photos we can see of you and Ramin? So glad you had such a special day. Musicals RULE! xxxx

  4. Hun, that sounds fab! I have never seen the phantom of the opera but it sounds like I'll have to book a ticket! What do you think of the film? If you love musicals I highly recommend the sound of music, its fab x

  5. Wow, that's nice :D
    Thought that it has been like 2 years sence then, but anyway... Ramin is my favorite stage Phantom after Michael Crawford :DD
    And I'm also one big phan of th Phantom of the Opera :))