Thank you

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and positive thoughts my way for my hospital visits, they were much appreciated.
Last Friday was CF clinic at the Brompton. I was very worried particularly about the journey as me and my mum have to struggle on public transport. When I woke up I unusually felt really upbeat (result of positive vibes?) and decided to try and maintain this by putting on some feel good music while I was geting ready.
I managed the journey ok even though it was quite busy and when I got to clinic there was a long wait. It was all worth it though as everyone was so friendly,my weight and breathing were up, only very slightly but up is up! The team were really pleased I was doing well at the moment and that my last IV's were december 2006 (which I thank my lucky stars for every day). I came home on a high as its been so long since I had a decent clinic visit.

Yesterday was Harefields turn. It takes 2 hours to drive there so we had to leave by 8.30. It was my first visit to pre transplant clinic and I was nervous. I needed bloods,ECG, x-ray,and lung function completed before clinic in the afternoon. I got blood done first thing as I was so nervous about it and sat in the waiting room practising my hypnotherapy techniques to calm me down. When I got in the room I had about 15 phials taken which I was rather less than impressed with, it took have two attempts to get all the blood needed and now have a big bruise on my hand.
I hadn't eaten much that morning so afterwards felt very woozy with all the blood I'd given. I found it fairly tough especially with the stress of being there, the long waits and exertion of lung funtion. When we finally left the hospital at gone 4.30 I was well and truly shattered.
Not much to report but a very god thing is that its now in my notes that i'm needlephobic so regarding the operation they will do majority of invasive things while i'm actually out of it, which is a huge relief!
I'm feeling better now but will take it very easy today and friday.
Next appointment at Harefield is in 6 months, but fingers crossed it will be before then for new lungs!

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