For my next trick......

I think I should be named The Great Victorio, or some similiar cheesy magician's name because I seem to have a knack for magic tricks....
I had a phone call today that told me that (drum roll here!) The MRSA is gone again! Now if thats not a good disappearing act what is? Now you see it now you don't folks.
Unfortunately this doesn't really make a difference with the awards because I need to have been free of MRSA for 6 months which I obviously haven't been, but I am still happy it has gone again.
It is a right pain that it surfaced again at this time, but I'm assured by everyone that the awards will still be fantabulous which I'm certain they will be. I do believe that everything happens for a reason and this is no different, for some reason this is how it has to be and thats that.
I also want to say thank you to all my lovely friends who have left nice comments, and shown me support via emails or texts. I'm a very lucky girl.
Now, for my next trick, I'm going to saw someone in half!! Any volunteers.....?
Just thought I'd point out that I've updated three times in the last week, so have a read back in case you missed an entry!
Also "the great Victorio" is not a very cool magician name and if I was to become a magician I would think of something better ;)

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  1. you right, the great victorio is a bit pants! but i cant think of anything better either!!

    truly terrific tor?

    ok never mind i going to stop suggesting now!

    hope you have a great night there