You shall go to the ball!

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday. A lovely nurse came to see me from my hospital for a routine home visit.

Everyone who attends the CF awards has to have a letter from their hospital that says they aren't growing certain nasty bugs. This is done so that cross-infection risk is minimised, and is important for the safety of everyone. I have grown MRSA before which is obviously one of the nasties they have to be careful of, but have been free of it for nearly two years now.

Imagine how gutted I am I was when my nurse told me that it has come back just before the awards. I honestly could have cried when she told me. What made me more upset was that the hospital had known since Feb but the information hadn't been passed onto me. I have visited my transplant center 3 times since this result and have not been isolation or anything so have put others at risk without realising it.

My mum immediately went and found my awards letter and I am still allowed to attend but will have to remain in isolation. I get to watch the ceremony via a tv link, still get to stay at hotel, and the celebs will come and see me separately after the ceremony. Apparently if i win i can still collect my award but I will be brought in a different way and will be taken straight out afterwards :(
I'm trying to look on bright side of it all, at least i wont be puting myself or others at risk, and i still get to attend which is the main thing. The trust have been so kind, I'm sure it will still be a lovely night.

I should explain that the MRSA is only in my lungs and doesn't really effect me as such. It is however a hard bug to get rid of and can obviously be dangerous to others with low immunity or open wounds etc. I am not to concerned but will be trying to work out an action plan with the hospital as if it was found on my skin we would have serious problems as this is a contra-indication for transplant.

So definately a bit of a bugger and I was pretty fed up yesterday (my lung function wasn't great either despite feeling ok in myself) but I am SO glad that I won't miss out on the evening and am trying to keep it all in perspective.



  1. omg!! the hospital have known since feb?? you didnt say that!

    i alreadt been texting you about this and you know what i feel
    YAY YOUR STILL GOING!! and you promised me a pic with a celeb!!

    keep smiling, its you bday in a week!

  2. What a bummer for you to find out about this so late in the day. You're a star Tor for dealing with it so grown up like and for sounding so positive.

    Glad we'll still get to see the dress ;-)


  3. Oh sweetie, I'm gutted for you :o( I had another friend in exactly the same situation last year and she was heartbroken too as she had spent ages choosing her dress and everything. You are so fantastic for still seeing the bright side though - you WILL have an awesome time, the hotel is STUNNING and you get some gorgeous free presents too! No one can take away the fact that you are a total STAR! xxxx