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Wow! where did that week go?!
Right first of all last Wednesday. Most of you will remember my lovely friend who arranged for the Phantom to come for tea a few months ago. Well, my 21st birthday is less than two weeks away now and as her present to me she announced that she had booked tickets to go and see Phantom! Bless her and the two other people involved, T and L, they had thought of everything. T borrowed his dads jeep and drove us all the way up to london so i didn't have to struggle with public transport, dropped me right outside the theatre and got seats at ground level.
The performance, as always was absolutely magical, and although it probably sounds very silly and sentimental, but i could feel the tears in my eyes when those first notes were played. I love this musical and it holds so many good memories for me, being able to watch after so long was absolutely amazing.
After the show we all went backstage to the Phantoms dressing room. This was indescribable for me! The times i have waited at the stage door over the years made it a very surreal experience to be going inside! Ramin (phantom) was charming as always and I had a fabulous time!

Its amazing to me that people go to the bother of arranging these things for me. I have so many wonderful, and kind friends and family who do so much to make me smile. I really am very grateful.

Work still continues on the uni work. I have got quite a bit done now but am still pushing on with it all. Im also quite pleased today that I have finally decided on a dress for my 21st. I have friends and family coming over on the day so wanted to look nice. It was quite a long search but I'm very happy with the end result, although its a bit shorter than i would usually go for! Better start moisturising my legs!!!

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Wow Tor sounds magical, glad you had a fab time. I remember the last time me and hubby decorated the hall and stairs, we had Phantom on constantly....inspiring!

    Hope we're going to see a pic of this dress :D

    Take care hunni, loadsa love.

  2. hey tor

    i already seen your dress but i still want pics from your actual birthday!

    im seeing phantom next month so i will text you after!!