London Pride

I can't believe a whole week has gone by since i blogged last! Everything is good here, I'm keeping ok, have been very busy with OU work. Nearly finished my first course now but have an end of course 3000 word essay to complete, one last effort! I want to get it finished asap because obviously im so close to the end of the course that if i got my transplant at this late stage i dont know what would happen with it (i cant pass the course without it). I'm sure something would be sorted out but best to get a move on just in case.
Yesterday I watched the marathon coverage on tv. I absolutely LOVE the marathon and for years we have gone up to london to cheer on the runners. Unfortunately because of the bad weather i couldnt go this year, sitting in my wheelchair means i get very cold and wet and i didnt want to risk getting ill, plus alot of stations were shut which is my worst nightmare having to walk from station to station.
I would say though that if you ever get chance to go up and watch you should jump at the chance, it is an AMAZING day out. The sense of community and goodwill is everwhere, thousands of people from all backgrounds running together, most for charity, helping each other along, and strangers cheering on people they've never met. It gives me a sense of real pride and is truly awe inspiring. The stories behind the faces are humbling too.
If I get my transplant the marathon would be an ultimate goal for me, I would absolutely LOVE to take part one day and think it would be an amazing tribute to my donor.
Anyway I must go now and get some more work done. It's my 21st birthday coming up next month and I have a some lovely things to look forward to, one of which is on Wednesday, I will blog after but suffice to say it will be phantastic! ;)
What else?! x


  1. Hellooo sweetie! Great to be back in touch after my holiday and catch up on all your news. I find your commitment to your OU course very inspiring as I sometimes struggle to get through my 30 point course on its own LOL! Get that essay finished and then you can get your new lungs and start training for that marathon! Tons of love xxxxx

  2. hey tor!
    aww shame you didnt go to marathon, i know you love it!
    thank goodness for tv huh!!

    glad you feeling ok and looking forward to your 21st (you old gal!) jokes

  3. A Marathon....?! CRAZY lady ;)

    ooh but have you heard of the Transplant games? I'm hoping I might take part next year....

    here's to a fantastic 21st my lovely xx

  4. I've always wanted to do a marathon as well so when you do the London I'll join you. Good luck with the study hope I'm as focused as you come September.

    Loadsa love.