And the winner is.....

Wow!!! One long blog coming up, so get comfortable!!!

First of all I must just quickly say thank you to everyone who replied to my last post, you made me feel much better!

Right.... yesterday was The Breathing Life awards, and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
As a surprise my mum and dad hired me a pink limosine to drive me up to the hotel, which was a fantastic!!! Pink limos are the best kind you know...!

When we arrived at the hotel I was whisked up to a very large, posh room and various lovely people from the cf trust came to say hello and help us settle in. We ordered some lunch, and as I would have to be separate from the evening ceremony I was allowed to go and look at the award room and watch the bands/singers rehearsing. Nicky and Peter from the trust looked after us very well, fetching celebs over to meet us including Jack McManus, Carol Smilie and David Bull. Jonathon Ansell (former member of G4) sung a gorgeous song which had my mum in floods of tears and after he came to chat for a while and have some photos.
Then we went back to our room so I could do my physio and start getting ready. The trust sent up some champagne which was very kind and we had a little toast to the evening. The trust really made us feel part of the action bringing us up a big table to eat dinner at and serving us the same menu as downstairs etc. Dinner was lovely! The ceremony had a link up so we could watch all the action from our room but after about 20 minutes Nicky came up and said we could go and watch back stage. We all trooped down and got a great spot next to the monitor and where all the celebs handing out awards were waiting to go onstage. They all had chats with us which was brilliant, Gail Porter gave me a big cuddle, Amanda Lamb had a chat, then Christopher Biggins came and talked to us for ages!! He was hilarious and so friendly. When I told him I was from Essex he was joking about with me asking where my white stillettos were!
My good friend won his award, (I was cheering him offstage!) and then my award came up. Nicky took me up to the stage so I was ready... and it was only then when I realised no one else was there did I realise I'd WON!!! Christopher Biggins voice rang out saying " And the winner is....Oh its my Essex girl Victoria!" and I was ushered onstage! It was an amazing feeling and I am so so honoured to be nominated let alone win! There where so many inspiring stories I am truly humbled to be picked. I recieved Loads of Next tokens, a trophy and certificate.
We then went through and had lots of pictures taken as well as an interview for Sky. Biggins stayed with us and had me giggling the whole time! I then met Ben Shepherd, who was lovely and then went back to our room. Lots of celebs came up to see us in our suite, Phil Tuffnel was great as was Natalie Imbrulia. Then the hosts of the evening, Carol Smilie and Dr David Bull came up to see me. I'd already seen them a couple of times during the day but it was so nice to chat, such kind people. They both said they would keep their fingers crossed for me and hoped I got my transplant soon.

All in all the day was fantastic from start to finish. I had the most wonderful time ever and am SO very grateful to everyone who was involved. I can't say what it meant to have something special to attend and how honoured I was to win. Every single person met me with a smile and kind word, nothing was too much trouble and it couldn't have been more perfect. I felt truly alive for the first time in a long while, doing normal things and enjoying it all to the max. Thank you from the bottom of my heart It really does mean so much. I will remember it forever xxx

The awards will be shown on Sky real lives on Sunday 9.30


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  2. Brilliant ! Best Blog Ever ! Well done you xx

  3. OH MY GOD!!!!
    it sounds truly amaaing, and a night you wont ever forget!
    the pictures are great, i think i may have the one with you and natalie imbruglia on my new pinboard
    im so please for you that you won, and im telling everyone i know who has sky to watch it
    you look so nice too, great dress and your hair is so long!
    well done to your mum for nominating you, you deserve it!

  4. WOWWWWEEEE!!! What an amazing night you had!!! I am SO HAPPY for you! And how bloomin' sexy was that PINK LIMO BABY??!!

    You look utterly stunning in those photos and you can see how happy and glowing you are. And I'm so glad you WON TOO!!! YAYAYAY!!!!

    Hugs xxxxx

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  6. Well done Victoria! Wish I'd had chance to say hello to you, but was lovely to see you receiving your Award and had I know that was where Phil Tufnell was going when I went up in the lift with him on my way to the bog, I'd have tagged along! Much love to you, xxx

  7. So so pleased for you Tor, You looked fabulous and so deserved to win. Lovely pics, I'm just delighted for you!

    Kim xxx

  8. Hunni you so deserved that award, I'm totally chuffed to read the bit about you feeling alive for the first time in ages.....magic!!

    What a brilliant post.

    Loads of love and the massivest (((HUG)))