Rave Review

Hello lovely readers!

Friday was my Annual Review at the hospital which is basically a whole day of different tests, being prodded and poked to see how I am healthwise from last year. As I said on my last blog entry, I never look forward to these visits but when my health is at the stage it is now, I like it even less.

We set off at 10am Friday morning after a dilemma about what to wear! This is the first time we have driven up to the hospital, we usually struggle on public transport, but this time I really wanted to go by car as I get so exhausted otherwise. We also took my wheelchair as having tests all over the hospital I would never have managed to walk.

We arrived early and recieved all the forms for the day. A couple of tests were booked for set times but others just had to be slotted in when time permitted. I decided to go and have my ECG first before my heart rate went up with excersion and stress, then headed down to x-ray. Actually it was my mums suggestion to do this next and the reason wasn't wasted on me, the blood room is right next to the x-ray!

Again as I've said before, I am needle phobic. It is much better controlled now but I will NEVER be first in line for a blood test. Anyway I have certain favourites in the blood room who I deem "the elite blood takers", namely very good at doing them efficently and with minimum fuss. So after wheeling past the door several times to see who was in there, I established that they were not people I had met before therefore their blood taking skills were unknown! I then refused to go in until I'd had a good nose at "who I thought would be the best blood taker"!!! My nurse later asked me how I know what a good blood taker looks like, to which I could only respond "I just know!". After staking out the blood room from behind a door (I kid you not..) I picked a person and bit the bullet. My judgement was very good and he managed to get what he needed first time, without any hassle and without leaving a bruise! He is now in the blood taking elite hall of fame, and his face stored in my brain for future reference!

After that I had a bone scan, lung function, had my ear punctured for blood gases (oddly enough this doesn't bother me much), dietician, physio, and then the doctors.

First I saw my stomach Dr who is absolutely charming, such a friendly, caring man who I always look forward to seeing and I know will always try his best to help with my complex needs. He has put me on a new medication which we hope my stimulate my digestion and help me to feel less sick and horrible when I eat. I will start it this week so fingers crossed.

Then I saw a Cf doctor, who was also very nice, and took time to go through all my tests. My ECG was normal, as were my blood gases. My bones are a little thin but I am being treated for this anyway, and my lung function and x-ray were virtually the same as last year, which is brilliant news. Obviously my blood test results weren't availiable on the day but hopefully they will come back normal too.

I am so happy that things are remaning stable for the time being. THANK YOU to everyone who wished me well or said a prayer, I really do appreciate it and it really helped to know that people were sending me such positive thoughts. I send postive thoughts back to all of you!

I had a little shopping spree at the weekend to celebrate it was the perfect excuse! YAY!

Keep smiling ( I certainly am!)


  1. Brilliant to hear the review went well hunni.

    And the gold star for this week goe's to you for being a very smiley person :D

    Loadsa love.

  2. Glad to hear thatthe dreaded day in Brompton turned out to be Okay. So good to hear that everything is remaining stable. Hope that you are well, sounds like you keeping well. Speak to you soon. Kim xxxx

  3. i told you those guys are great at brompton! I often dont get a bruise either.
    but do you know what i always refuse? the pricking of my ear in lung function, i ALWAYS say no!
    how strange that you dont mind it!

    glad it all went well and wasnt as bad as feared.

    you didnt say what you bought on your shopping trip!!!

  4. Glad to hear the review went well :D! Those days are always so long and tiring!