under pressure!

Hello lovely blog readers,

I'm sorry its been so long again but I haven't wanted to update lately. First of all I want to say a big huge thank you to everyone for reading my blog and for the lovely comments I've recieved. I honestly can't say how much I love reading them and how much it means to have all your good wishes and thoughts. Whenever I am notified of a new comment it makes me smile :)
Please do keep reading. Until recently I thought that only a couple of people actually read this blog but I'm starting to realise that there are probably more of you than i think! For those of you that don't leave comments please consider doing so, no pressure, but if you do fancy it, its really straightforward and anyone can do it. Just click "comment" at the bottom of each post :)
This last week has brought some not so good news. To cut a long story short in 2006 i was on some medication that made my blood sugar levels go too high and became diabetic for a while. I injected for a a time but it really was too much for me as I hate needles and was just one step too difficult. I was then changed to tablets which controlled my sugars until they calmed down enough for me not to need treatment any more.
I still check my sugars once a week to keep an eye on them and they are ususally fine, however I have started to have some slightly higher readings. I'm now keeping a closer eye on them and have started the tablets again.
This has made me quite upset and stressed which in turn is probably not helping me very much. I'm not keen on doing my finger pricks and am pretty worried that over time things could escalate to needing insulin again. It is just something I will need to monitor but that I dont need on my plate right now.

On the positive side, controlling my sugars means that I am at less risk of infection (as the bacteria feed on sugar) and it may be they will return back to normal in time. Fingers crossed.

I have been in a very bad mood this last week and have had a big row with my family which isn't good. Things have calmed down a bit now though so hopefully I will keep my cool more easily.

Not much else to report. I will update again soon when I have some additions to the wish list :)
take care xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi sweetiepie, sorry to hear you've had a bit of a crap week. If ever you feel like chatting via email, I've always got a listening ear! You are always so kind to me, sending me handmade cards and little gifts, that I just want to help support you too. I wish CF cross-infection issues didn't exist as I'd be straight over for a day of crafting! I've gone back to my knitting again at the moment and am knitting a really cute toy rabbit, I'll send you a photo when it's done. It's great because being small it grows quite fast! I also went to the wool shop today and spent my Xmas voucher (and 45 minutes of the afternoon!) there which was fun.
    Sending you a massive hug xxxxx

  2. Morning hunni,

    Sorry to hear you've not had a very good week, I know falling out with family is horrid but its normal and happens in every house in the world from time to time so try not to let it get to you too much.

    Its good to blog about things when its going round and round in your head, it doesn't solve it but it releases a bit of the pressure, so do keep writing, moody or not moody.

    I have this little picture in my head of you with a very grumpy face now, so I'm sending you the hugest (((HUG))) and a cyber grin.

    Loads and loads of love.

  3. Hi, I read your blog but have never commented - found yours through Emily's. Just thought I'd say hello seeing as you asked for the lurkers to do that! Hope your blood sugars bring themselves back under control without the need for insulin, and also hope you're feeling smilier again next week.

  4. hey,

    you know where I am if you ever need to email or text vent!

    Im glad something is looking good with you sugars

    dont worry about family rows, I have more now im older! they blow over in a few days and its all forgotten!
    sometimes i find rows help, cos you not holding it all up inside

    love ya xxx

  5. hey tor!

    Now now, you know these sugars can a bit haywire at times, just don't worry about it. It may be the worrying that is putting these sugars up, apparently a 'healthy' person shouldn't be tested for diabetes if they are under a stressful period, so it is probably that. One you are a bit more 'chilled out' they'll more than likely settle down!

    You are still doing fabulously well tor, don't let a stupid 'pricky thing' get you down. Plus, don't over do it with the 'pricky things' do it when u want to, not cos you feel you have to!!!

    All my love, Kim xxxx

  6. Hey,

    I'm one of those regular readers that never leaves a comment... Sorry!

    Sorry to hear you have had such a crap week. I hope things have settled down a bit now for you.
    Stay smiley beautiful.

    Sending you hugs,

    Rachy (your facebook friend) xx

  7. sorry you had such a poor week, but look at the good side of it all, chances are in your favor that next week will be better. As for your family, you are right on the "thats not good" part. If it is your doing that the row started, then get in there and make good and if its there's get in there and tell them to make good. no fight is worth the energy spent on it right now. just all kiss and make up! ok im steping down from my soap box now.
    feel better, good night

  8. ok, so you are first on my list, I started a blog so if you get a chance stop by and see it, although not much to see yet.

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  10. Hey,
    sorry to hear the sugars are playing up - when my sugars are high it makes me rather grumpy so maybe that's adding to everything. Hope it settles down soon.

    Here's hoping for this coming week to be a smiley one :-)

    Jac xx

  11. Hey Huni I hope your sugars settle down soon, i know whatyou mean about needles...EEEEk!!!

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    Keep smiling. xxx

  12. hello! I'm another lurking reader that never comments!
    Sorry, your feeling so stressed with the blood sugars, if you do end up needing insulin injections again maybe you could ask for one of those wee machines that stays in all the time to give you your insulin - no injection every time that way! Don't know if that's an option but thought I'd mention in just incase its helpful! Hope they settle down and get back to normal soon!
    Take care
    sarah xx

  13. Hey hunni,

    Just checking in and sending a (((HUG))) hope you're ok.


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