The Wish List

I'm having a very rough day today and am not really in the mood to write my weekly blog. So as promised here is my post transplant wish list which I started last week.

  1. Lots of theatre trips (obviously! one of the things i miss most)

  2. Being able to sing with new lungs and restart my singing lessons again (again one of the things i miss most)

  3. Taking lots of drama courses to learn my trade! (always wanted to do but never the opportunity, the few i have taken have been scary but fun)

  4. A large shopping spree ( I can't go shopping properly now. Being able to try on as many things as i want without being really breathless and walking round the shops not in my chair would be brilliant. also having clothes that fit better and aren't restricting my breathing)

  5. Being able to play with my nephews and take them on days out

  6. Finishing my degree (and graduating with the cool hat and gown!)

  7. Dance classes namely belly dancing, and burlesque dancing! (Ok I am the worlds worse dancer but both of these look fun!! Plus burlesque has the added bonus of giving me self confidence and something no one would expect me to do! Its always nice to suprise yourself and others..)

  8. Hydro active 5km run (did this in 2006 and LOVED it, want to do it again and beat my time if possible)

  9. Trying many more cocktails!

  10. Going out by myself independantly again (im always with someone else and often reliant on them, to push my chair etc.)

  11. Masterclass (run at a london theatre with professional actors/actresses. Sounds great, they keep sending me details but at the moment there is no way i could do one. Plus has the added bonus of being right opposite Phantoms theatre...)

  12. Tea at the Ritz (looks fun)

  13. Having a really big clean out (Im far too tired, breathy etc to sit having a clear out for more than a few minutes so a complete de-junk would be brilliant)

  14. starring in a west end show (ok a bit ambitious but this is the ultimate goal one day and it's my list :) )

  15. walking round london looking at xmas lights ( i love london and xmas..enough said)

  16. More cooking (Again something i can't do due to oxygen danger and being too strenuous. Won't be cooking anything fancy but just something)

  17. Art classes life drawing (I studied art for a long time at school, and was very proud of the standard i reached. I dont' do it so much now because i get very stiff if i sit for too long and that makes my chest tight. Its a real shame as my pictures are up in the house but something I would like to start again.)

  18. Marathon (Again probably not the mose achievable goal but a possibility one day)

  19. Trying new cocktails!

  20. Being able to get fit and exercise again (Have never really enjoyed exercise but am exasperated at how weak and unfit i am now. Quite fancy the chance to get fit but can't say how long the urge will last....)

Places to visit

  • center parcs
  • different places in the uk
  • new york
  • florida
  • wales
  • brighton
  • vegas
  • grand canyon
  • greece

This is a basic list and there are probably many more things, but its a good start. Any suggestions welcome. x

Ps I would also appreciate some positive thoughts if possible as although I'm not ill or anything awful I am finding things very difficult at the moment. Thank you x


  1. hey tor!

    You shall go to all those places when you are 100% again!
    Read belinda jones 'on the road to mr right' and your find more places you will want to go!

    Once you all better, you can get job, and save up (ps lots of saving for ritz it very expensive!!) then go on all those day trips!

    At least you got ideas and things in your mind to keep you going!

    and what happened to internet shopping?!

    keep smiling tor!!


  2. Hey you!!!!

    You are a lot stronger than you think you are you know, its so obvious from your posts. That call is just round the corner hunni and you'll be knocking them things off your list before you know it.

    I'm not going to say my usual 'stay strong' because everyone is allowed to be totally fed up and be able to say so. I'll just send the massivest (((HUG))) and all the positive vibes in the world.

    Praying a special one tonight for the phone to ring pronto.


  3. allo gorgeous....just so you know....im going to be doing most of these with you :) the dancing!! the dancing!!!

    sending you all my positive vibes, as you well know my little chick-a-dee, not that you need them of course.

    love ya loads

    love always

    me xxxxx

    (your linds incase u dont know silly woman!)

  4. Ok so this may be a long rambeling one, but here is my list.
    1. nice list!!
    2. very happy to see fl made the list, because thats where i live! And as any good Floridian, i vacation at Disney. In fact my last trip was just this weekend, and i met a little boy who was sitting beside me at my favorite place at Disney, The Crystal Palace, charter dining with winny the pooh and friends. The reason i am telling you this story is he reminds me of you. While we were eating (or should i say his lack of) he sat down beside me and in all of his little 6 year old brittish accent told me the totally dreadful life of how Eeyore live in a house totally made of sticks, and that everyday it would rain and the rain drops would come down on him on his head then his house would fall apart and every single day he would have to rebuild his little house made of sticks, because that was simply all he had to build it with, that poor dreadful little Eeyore.I think his mom may have been a little mad at me because he was simply to engrosed in telling me all about poor little Eeyore, and he was not eating his dinner. Me personally, i was impressed with is knolage of one of my favorite charters.
    3.Please remember, that even if i dont comment on your blog that you will always have prayer and good thoughts and intentions comming from florida. its just sometimes i get to busy to wright it down here.

    keep good thoughts in your heart, we are all praying for new lungs soon.


  5. ok so i just read thru my own comment, just so i get my intentions straight, the reason he reminded me of you he was a sweet little boy with a cute little brittish accent and had a great load of enthuaziam, thats just what image i have conjured up of you in my mind.


  6. Struggling isn't a sign of not being strong, it's a sign of being human! The times we get most down and find hardest often don't correlate with our health; I would often be going through a better patch and then it would hit me mentally, I think because when I was reeeeeally ill my mind would be focused on getting me better.

    You have every right to feel down...use your blog as the theraputic tool I did, no one will judge you for writing down your thoughts and feelings and it may well help you to do so.

    You know where I am if you want to chat, thinking of you sweets, much love xx

  7. Agree with Emily - I often struggled most during periods of stability! It's normal and expected,but it still sucks. I love your wish list and believe me, you will be ticking those off so quickly post transplant! You have so much still to look forward to :-)
    Jac x

  8. Sending a big (((HUG))) cos I was thinking about you today.


  9. Hey Tor,

    You are so unbelievably strong, I know you will get through everything, I know things get you down for time to time, they did me, but when you are in Harefield walking up that corridoor to blow one of the best lung functions you have ever done, you'll look back and think, I did it! And you know yourself what the rewards are, you already have a list!

    All my love and speak 2 u on facebook again soon, was great 2 have our very 1st conversation in over a year and a half!!!

    Love Kim xx

  10. Hey lovely blog readers! Thank you for your comments they are fab, and it really makes me happy to A) know your reading and B)have all your good wishes. It honestly does mean so much
    I will update in the next few days i just dont have much to say at the moment x