You've got a friend in me!

I can't put in to words how much all your comments, thoughts, love and support mean to me. Even though most of you didn't actually know what my problems were you were still there to pull me through it. Whenever I logged on last week there was another message of support waiting for me and they have definately helped to get me through the tough times. All I can say is a heartfelt thank you, it means the world to me, you are all fantastic,caring, amazing people.

Things have looked up considerably this week. I suppose that I should fill you in on last weeks events and then go from there. Last week my tummy bug lasted for about 3 days, there was only one day when i actually couldnt eat, the rest of the time i was keeping down bits and pieces, more and more as the week went on.

I obviously knew that I would have lost some precious weight but nothing could have prepared me for what actually happened. After clawing my way up in weight for over a month, I dropped it ALL in 3 days. Literally back to my start weight 42.6kg. I was heartbroken after all the struggle and discomfort it had taken to get there. Even though I knew that if I hadnt gained the weight in the first place I would have been in an even worse situation, it was little comfort at the time.

Despite being really upset, I only had to look around to find people worse off then myself going through pain much, much worse than my own. It brought things into perspective.

I looked even closer for support from everyone. My mum was fantastic, as were all my friends and blog readers. Thanks to everyone who left comments, texted,emailed and had chats with me on MSN. I had a lovely card from a cf friend Emmie and a whole treasure chest of presents from another, everything carefully picked in order to make me smile and cheer me up, huge thanks to Rich and Sally my pirate friends! My lovely friend and reflexologist came over at short notice to try and relieve some of my stomach discomfort and thats not mentioning the other cards and pick me ups that people have brought to cheer me up. It just shows what wonderfully kind people there are in the world.

Everyones kindness has definately paid off. I have worked as hard as possible this week to gain some ground (a massive 17,158 calories for the whole week!) and have put on a kilo in 7 days, which is brilliant and suprising! A real boost to my confidence. I'm now weighing in at 43.6kg so not far to go in order to reach my previous weight. It has been bloody hard but defintely worth it.
Thank you again for your help. Those positive thoughts are being sent right back out to you all. I'm a very lucky girl.
Have a fantastic week my lovely friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi my name is Tara and I also have cf. I had a double lung transplant for my cf on Dec 24, 1991. That's right almost 17 years ago! I happened to stumble across your blog from someone else and just wanted to say hi! If you would like to contact me my e-mail is tarahaddix@yahoo.com

  2. Hey Tor,

    Sorry to hear that you lost all that weight that you had tried soooo hard to put on, however, i am mega impressed with you putting a kilo back on again. You are amazing! Anyway, hope you are feeling better this week and hoping that the weight just keeps on coming, if you manage a kilo, you can manage a few more. Keep going hun. You will do it. xxx Kim

  3. He hunni,

    I'm so glad to hear you're over that horrid patch, very well done you for the weight gain.

    Told you you were a star :D

    Loadsa love.

  4. Hmmm! that was supposed to say

    Hey, not He - stooopid keyboard.

  5. hi

    well done on the weight again!!
    and glad i you feeling better in yourself too, you sound much more positive.

    glad you got some good friends out there!

    lotsa love xxxxx

  6. Really pleased for you honey :D xx

  7. I knew you could do it!!! :-) A big well done, you're doing so well! x x

  8. congrats on the weight gain this week! and an even biggerpat on the back for seeing the blessing in the hartship of loosing all of your hard work and weight loss when you were sick. Please remember God dosent make any mistakes!
    Continuing to pray!

  9. Just wanted to drop you a note hoping your haveing a wonderful week!
    prayers from florida