quick post

Ok, I know I've been very bad at updating again. To be honest I dont have much to report, I'm still feeding but have remained at around the 7st mark but I think this is because I've had a bad appetite during the day and obviously the weight isnt going to always go in leaps and bounds. Fingers crossed it will start creeping up again. I'm even thinking of filming myself passing the tube down, as a record of my achievement! If I do I might post on here if anyone wanted to see? Let me know...
I turned 22 years old last Tuesday (5th) and had a nice birthday with lots of lovely presents. It was a quiet day and to be honest I found it quite difficult as this time last year I was certain by my 22nd I would be celebrating with new lungs, which sadly isnt the case :(
Anyway I'm still finding things a bit difficult mentally at the moment but I'm hoping to try and make things better for myself. Rest assured I'm all ok and will update again soon (ish!) when i have some proper updates.
Hope all of you are ok and doing well xxx


  1. love you lots pickle and sending positive thoughts and lots of cuddles your way x x x x x

  2. plateaus are to be expected weather gaining or loosing. glad to here things are good other wise. i think you should post you passing the tube, it could be of great inspration of someone who is just starting to go thru the whole thing. we here will continue to send you good vibes and lots of prayers.

  3. hi,
    glad you did have a good birthday, although bit quiet.

    im glad you doing your tube is going well still, i still think its cool you learnt it so quickly! 7stone is good - more than me now!!

    lots of virtual hugs

  4. im not sure if you read "Living Life Breathlessly" but she is a young cfer who has been through and has came out the other side. she has a nice post this week.
    sending hugs, good vibes and most important...prayers

  5. Hi Tor,

    Glad to hear your birthday went well. Hope, Come back to us soon and post.

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