Getting Fat! :)

Sorry again for lack of posting, I am fine so dont panic!
I can't honestly say I've been busy as such but I have been trying to sort some things out.
Important things first! NG feeding is still going very well, I'm managing the tube within about 30secs now and am not finding it quite so horrible as I was. I could never have imagined that (so far) I would have tolerated it so well with all my reflux probs (I dont think my drs did either!).
Now for the big news, yesterday was two weeks since starting the feeds officially (proper dose etc ) and i have gained (drum roll please.)..... 3KG!!!!! This means that I've gone from 42kg to 45kg and am now 7stone :)
I am amazed by how well its all worked and more than a little relieved. I feel much "safer " now and the stress lifted is incredible. I like to think of the NG tube as a good skill to have accquired, its going to stop me needing to force food so much during the day, and its something i can utilise any time i need to gain weight. So if I had an infection, or even any problems post transplant i could always up the feeds or restart them to sort it out.
I was also getting behind with my uni work, with all the worry and upheaval I was having some real issues concentrating. My current course ends the first week in June and i had two long essays to get done before then which was really stressing me out. However after I explained how worried I was to my tutor, he has pulled out all the stops and allowed me to drop the lesser essay as well as "holding my hand" for the remainder of the course. It wasn't until this was in place that I realised how much it had been weighing on me (pardon the pun!) and the relief I had now its sorted.
I'm loathe to speak to soon but I am feeling a bit happier now, my mood is still very erratic but I do feel very proud of what I have achieved in this last month both from a weight perspective and personally too.

In lesser news...I have some scrapbooks and crafting lined up now, so that should give me something to do in my spare time, small but relaxing hopefully and fingers crossed Ill have some nice albums to keep! And its my birthday very soon too, no plans as yet but looking forward to it all the same!
I hope your all doing well too at the moment and thanks again for all your support thats kept me going.


  1. i am so happy for you! i hope there are no bumps in the weight gain road. and am pleased to hear how busy you are, ist a busy time of year for me as well.

  2. ....sorry plus HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    i hope its a good one

  3. Yay Yay Yay Yay Yay!!!!!!! 3kg hun, thats absolutely fantastic. so so pleased for you. All my love, Kim xxxx

  4. i know you are just fine and the tube is doing great and the weight is comming along just beautifuly and you are busy doing things that all (what 22 or 23) year olds are out doing, but i just wanted to dropin and say hi and to let you know i was thing of you.
    still praying