BBC Breakfast

Second post in a week, how good am I?

Well as blogged last week I was asked to go onto BBC Breakfast last Thursday to talk about life waiting for transplant. Nervous was not the word, I get so scared about doing things like this (blog readers will know I get quite shy)and I really had to push myself to agree to do it. I am SO glad I did.

I got as much as I could done the evening before to save time in the morning. There wasn't much time to get too nervous and I had lots of support from friends and twitter followers which made a huge difference! After a little sleep I had to get up at 4am to do all my treatment before the car came for me at six. At 6am I was picked up (by a silver mercades no less!) and taken to BBC Television Center. Everyone at Breakfast were really friendly, kind and welcoming. They put me at my ease as soon as I arrived and talked me through what would be happening. The floor manager was very considerate and had it all arranged to get me into the studio and onto the sofa very early so that I wouldn't have to rush and get out of breath, which again made me feel less nervous. It was very surreal to go and sit in the actual studio you're so used to seeing on the TV! Then it was interview time and amazingly I managed to calm down enough to a fairly good interview. It really helps that I am passionate about this subject and in trying to get my message over to others. In my opinion if I made one person think about organ donation or sign up to the register then I am very happy :)
I've had lots of positive feedback on the interview and despite my nerves had a fantastic time! After the interview I was talking to Chris Hollins, BBC Breakfast's sports presenter and Strictly Come Dancing contestant. We were chatting about Strictly amongst other things, and I was telling him how I loved the show and had voted for him the week before (he didnt believe me but it is true!). Out of the blue he invited me and mum to go and watch his training session and I jumped at the chance! I had to go and film another short piece for the BBC news at one and then met Chris back in the green room.
He was such a sweetheart and really went out of his way to make it a nice day for us. He took us on a tour of the BBC (we saw Harry hill in the corridor) and round the Strictly set!
After that we hung around the canteen while Chris was in a meeting and then off we went to Battersea to watch training. It was amazing to see it all come together and Chris, his dance partner Ola, and other dance experts from the show made us feel so welcome and included the whole time.
We stayed for over 2 hours and chris worked so hard! I couldnt believe the dedication there. Im on a campaign to get everyone to VOTE CHRIS!
When I got home I was very tired and actually lost my voice the next day, but it was so completely worth it. Although it is very hard to deal with CF/transplant sometimes, the people I have met because of my condition are a real positive in a bad situation. When I think of all the people I have met as a result of my health I feel very honoured as so many of them are genuinly lovely, caring, wonderful people.
It may seem silly to some people but I felt so happy and revitalised from being out of the house having a bit of a treat for a few hours. It was nice to just be me, not a sick person but just me, to be able to have a laugh and relax. When you feel so ill most of the time and are so restricted, it is very easy to turn down opportunities and fall into a routine of treatment and illness. Having this experience has given some lightness to the gloom of humdrum that I have been experiencing lately without even realising it. It makes me realise that time out is very important to mental wellbeing and in turn physical health. I intend to take all the future opportunites I can possibly manage ;)
I also had a powerful feeling just after my interview. I thought that while I am well enough and able to speak out about my life and get the message of organ donation out to people, I will bloody do it! Talking frankly and honestly about life on the list gives people an insight into a world they do not know. I dont know if any of the awareness raising I do will help but while the message is being spread it could be helping someone, any one of the 8000 people waiting for a transplant. I am determined to do all I can to get people signing that list.

Anyway I have rambled long enough! I'm hoping to get a video of the interview up on here at some point soon. A technically mined person is working on getting the clip for me :)
Also have an interview with The Guardian on monday, its all go here!