Give a little love!!!!

Ok so I'm not really religious, and I don't usually give up anything for lent. But this year I heard about an idea which I've kind of adapted for myself. Basically instead of giving up for Lent, you give OUT in the form of giving to others. This is something I feel really passionate about. I've been in some very bad situations in my life, it's been tough, and scary and horrible and exhausting and some days it still is; but there have always been people who have given an act of kindness at those times to let me know I'm not alone. I've been very lucky and have already taken steps this year to start giving back but this was a more official route. There is so much hatred and sadness every time you turn on the news, why can't we all in our own small ways make people's lives better each day? It really doesn't take much.For me, a chat with a nurse while I'm in for treatment makes me feel loved and welcomed, someone pulling out a mat for me in drama class because I'm knackered means tonnes because someone cares, a hug, kind words, being polite, a lovely text, a little card (post in particular makes my day!). All cheer me up. Most of these things are free or less than a couple of pounds. Anyway here are my last 9 days of RAK's random acts of kindness, I hope they inspire you. 

1)  donated to charity and held the door open for someone who struggled to walk.
2) bought my mum some flowers and gave money to someone collecting for charity
3) sent some pretty cards to friends who needed cheering up.

4) took homemade cookies for my drama group
5) treated my doggy to a new chew and donated to comic relief.
6) I bought tea and a brownie for a homeless guy on a freezing miserable day. By far my favourite so far.
7) I forgave the dog for scratching me, made my nephew his favourite cheesecake and bought him and his sister some sweets.
8) signed my dad up to eBay and PayPal.
9) said thank you to someone who has helped me with flowers, cookies and a card.
10) today I am donating to a friends just giving page and due to popular demand from Facebook I am being kind to myself while I'm not feeling so good watching a film and having a bit of a rest. Being a bit kinder to myself keeps coming up so maybe I'll incorporate it a bit more despite feeling it's a bit of a cop out ;) 

 This sounds kind of corny but, as someone who has been there, when you look back on your life at the end you will be happy to know you made a difference, it's what will matter. You will also remember those who stuck by and were kind to you. So let's all make the world a little nicer, do something nice for someone today, it doesn't have to cost you but make someone smile!  Xxxxx

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