Gluten free fail!


I haven't forgotten you. Far from it ive been wanting to blog all week. I've got loads of ideas and photos and posts ready to go but none of them have felt right, or honest. 

I've still been having a miserable time of things mentally. It's like a war is raging in my head and I'm trying to take shelter from it. I spoke to my doctor this week and he thinks it's the steroids side effects unfortunately. One minute I'm ok, hopeful, calm. The next I'm hating myself so much I can't bear to look in a mirror and all I can do is cry. The next I can't see any way forward, I can't stop sobbing and feel unloved. I've been horrible to my poor parents and despite being exhausted and sore, I've found the only thing that gives me a bit of relief is getting out of the house and doing something. It's a vicious circle and there's no let up. So it's been a pretty horrible time. 
Steroids also effect my diabetes and my sugars are running too high, which again doesn't help at all. I'm seeing my diabetes specialists next Monday so at least that will be sorted out. Another side effect is weight gain and moon face (round puffy face) so I've been feeling really unattractive, not myself and unfit. 😩

I haven't wanted to blog misery, and similarly, I haven't wanted to pretend everything is ok. 
So here's a bit of both I guess. Telling you things aren't great, but I've also had some nice times with lovely people. 

On Monday, I finally booked a Groupon deal that I bought ages ago and realised was about to expire. So my friend Pippa and I had to get booked sharpish before it ran out. The deal was for a sharing platter and cocktails at the Vista rooftop bar in the Trafalgar hotel. 

We were so lucky because it was a beautiful day and despite me being very down, I couldn't help but be lifted by the beautiful sunshine and blue skies (and wonderful company!).
Sadly, this week was a bit of a disaster with gluten free eating. I emailed the bar to ask if they could give me a gluten free replacement for the bread on our platter, but sadly no one got back to me. 

I learnt a lesson. Thinking a couple of tiny bits of bread wouldn't effect me, they did. I will not be so stupid again. 
The cocktails and rest of the platter was lovely however. The staff were friendly and efficient without being too intrusive. It's definitely somewhere we would both love to go back to especially on a sunny day like we had. 

How gorgeous is that view?! I feel so lucky to live in beautiful beautiful London! 

Then we went to Trafalgar Square which was nice as I never really go there as a Londoner, it always feels a bit touristy.

Then we went to visit another great place, The Theatre Cafe. It's a theatre themed cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue and it's just brilliant if like me you love the theatre! 

There is memorabilia from different shows on the walls, framed posters, and touch screens where you can order theatre tickets, or take a theatre quiz! 

definitely recommend checking it out. They often have open mic sessions, and events such as musical theatre cd launches, signings etc. A real little gem! 

Today I saw pippa again (she's awesome and I don't know how she puts up with me!). We went to Eds easy diner because I'd heard it had a big gluten free menu and I'd been craving a burger for a while now. 

The food was amazing and the vibe was lovely. Sadly despite their obvious commitment to gluten free customers, I think I was served a normal burger despite ordering from the gluten free menu 😩 my stomach started to swell an hour or so after eating and now I'm in a fair bit of pain and discomfort with it. I'm gutted as I had been really looking forward to a proper burger. It was a simple mistake and I'll be going back because their good intention is clear but once again it's frustrating not to have been even more forceful and the fact you have to be forceful to make sure you don't get sick. 
Anyway, despite feeling pretty fed up this eve, I will definitely go back and will blog my proper gluten free experience then.

Anyway, I hope that blog wasn't too boring for you. I'm having a lovely relaxing week ahead of me so I will be able to upload some of the other blog ideas I have in my head. Please let me know what you'd like to hear more of/less of/ different ideas. All welcome! 


  1. Carola again:
    He he, just like you wrote that you got a bit of a blog block I don't I might say I got a comment block - mostly all I can think of comment-wise when reading your posts are creative statements like "Hey, cool!" "Oh no, damn, that's too bad" or "Who-hoo, London!" . Not much contribution and a bit repetitive, so I tend to refrain from it - but hey, I left you many nosey questions, that's a least something. :)

    I also wouldn't mind if you're in the mood for something totally different and you blog about your view on mountain goats or Hawaii or the fashion of the late Eighties, but that is up to you...! :)

  2. Hi carola,

    I love any comments, I get all excited when I get a notification! Shows I'm not that tedious to read 😉
    I love your questions and they are all ready for an upcoming blog, hoping I'll get a few more questions and then I'll post them all together.
    Thanks for reading xx

  3. Maybe some of your readers from older times haven't noticed yet that you're writing more often again, I hope some return and type a little as well.

    It also appears to me that the trend moves a bit away from blogging to the use of more pictures-and-clips-oriented platforms like tumblr, instagram and pinterest. I am actually a little (?) saddened by this development, but if you would like to win new visitors to your blog an account at those platforms might be a way... but then, one doesn't have to jump on every bandwagon either, it is up to you.


  4. Are you certain it was the burger? Do you know that lager (and most other beers) and many wines are NOT gluten free? I ask because I have seen pictures you tweeted with drinks.

  5. Yes, hadn't eaten anything else that day and ordered only from the gluten free menu. I don't drink beer or lager that was someone else's and my wine was gluten free (also different day)

    1. It seems you are still having problems even when you avoid gluten. The next step for me was a low FODMAP diet. Gluten containing foods are just one of the FODMAPs. Once I cut way back on FODMAPs, I stopped having problems with bloating and pain. Good luck!