Sorry for the lack of blogs. As usual, I have lots of posts to write and things to tell you about but just haven't had the time or energy to to get them down on paper, ( more accurately screen!). 

I wrote this post on my 5 year anniversary with new lungs, so you can read more on my feelings there. I was throughly spoilt and while it seems a little indulgent or boasting totals about it here, I want to let everyone know how much I appreciated the things they did because I genuinely didn't expect anything! 

It all started with a delicious meal and cocktails at one of my favourite restaurants Joe Allen's in Covent Garden with my best friend Pippa! We had such a lovely day and she bought me some amazing, Disney related gifts. 

The next thing to happen was flying off to New York (dedicated blog post coming soon). I won't talk too much about it here but wanted to thank our amazing hotel. Not only was it a gorgeous hotel but the staff knew that it was my anniversary and surprised me with prosecco, treats and everything pictured below. It was such a kind gesture, the manager who brought it all up was the loveliest lady who always had a hug for us when we saw her and I just thought it was such a great surprise and above and beyond. A real touching moment. If you go to NY I STRONGLY recommend the Hilton Residence Inn Midtown East. Fantastic hotel and excellent staff.

When I arrived home feeling pretty jet lagged and sore, this was waiting for me which was again so genuinely kind and overwhelming. My mum had asked my cousin to get me a 5 balloon for when I got home. I had lots of post and a bag of presents from my aunt, all of which were so personal and just so kind.

I had loads of cards, again really personal, picked and written with love.  Below is me with the bear my cousin Emma bought me the day I had my transplant, and my beautiful flowers from my other cousin Marie. Spoilt! 

Biased but my favourite present is this drawing of Phantom from my parents. I absolutely adore it and can look at it for ages seeing little details I missed before or marvelling at the skill involved in creating it. The lady who drew it for me was actually in Phantom while she drew it. Her Twitter is @joannaohare she is a lovely and incredibly gifted artist and performer. Thank you Joanna! 

This present was so thoughtful and I just love it. I have a big love for beauty and the beast (you may have noticed a theme in my gifts this year!) and when Emma knew it was my anniversary coming up she knew exactly what to get me! I'm saving it and my phantom picture until I revamp my bedroom and can put them in the perfect places. 

Another great one was this make up bag and a gorgeous handmade card from my friend Bianca, it had such a lovely message that I cried a little bit (with a couple of cards in fact). 

 One of my aunts presents was a nice afternoon tea.set out on cute little picnic tables. It was the icing on the cake 😉 to celebrate such a big anniversary. Only 50% of people reach their 5 year anniversary post transplant and I am very lucky. There are plenty of friends who weren't as lucky.

All in all I was a very spoilt girl and really appreciated everyone who made the effort to celebrate with me and wish me a good day. I felt truly loved and cared for. Thank you all so much.

New York blog coming soon 😘

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  1. You've been so brave to go through everything you have. You're an absolute inspiration