Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TV Appearances talking about donation

BBC Breakfast interview

BBC News interview (Apologies for looking awful in this clip!)

1st appearence on GMTV

2nd appearence on GMTV

Youtube video of my donor plea July 2011

Shorter version of the plea above for LLTGL site

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  1. I didn't think you looked awful. We always harder on ourselves. I don't know anything about what you're going through, but I will read your blog and share with my family. Prayers are always helpful and you are now in the hearts and minds of my family, even the one's that don't pray,,lol. Laugh, please. If you only knew this family that says' they are so loving. It makes me laugh, well, smile. I tell them to smile more, people told me too and now I do. I tell them to hug more; I remember my first hug from my dad at 17 years old and even now, iI find a tear welling up thinking about it.. God be with you and your healing is just around the corner, I'll claim that for you. Your new friend, Jay