Tor's Christmas Wish

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On to my 2nd post to keep you all updated with lots of news. As many of you know I am an ambassador for the transplant awareness charity Live life then give life. This year we are working together on a very special campagin, Tor's Christmas Wish. I could ramble on for a long time about this but I think it's better if I let the wish speak for itself. You can also view it here
"My name is Tor and I'm 23 years old, however unlike most 23 year olds I am waiting for a double lung transplant to save my life. When I was put on the transplant waiting list I was told I had 18months to live, I have now been waiting 3 and 1/2 years, and it doesn't take much to see I am living on borrowed time.

I use oxygen 24/7 to support my failing lungs, a wheelchair to leave the house, the majority of my day is dedicated to medical treatment just to try and keep me stable. The smallest tasks like getting dressed, combing my hair and brushing my teeth leave me absolutely exhausted and my mum has to help me with everything.

My Christmas wish would ultimately be to get the transplant I so desperately need, but due to the shortage of donors, this may not happen. Without a transplant this could be my last Christmas, and so this December, I want to get at least 5000 people to sign the organ donor register, in the hope of saving lives.

50% of people waiting for lungs will die purely because not enough people have signed up to donate after their death. Each of us has the power to change this statistic. I don't know if my call will come but by signing up you will create chances for so many people facing a death sentence.

Please help me achieve my Christmas wish and give me hope, a future and the chance to see next Christmas.

Thank you."

I have been inundated with support for my wish and it has really amazed me how kind and willing to help everyone has been. Some highlights include a lovely guy called Niall Murphy setting up this facebook page and donating some advertising space to raise the profile even further - thank you Niall!

We have also had some high profile celebs tweeting about the cause such as Philip Schofield, Sarah Brown, Chris Evans, Peter Jones and Duncan Banntyne ( from dragons den). As well as literally hundreds of tweets from people on twitter spreading the word far and wide.
Blog readers, NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!

First and foremost: sign up to the organ donor register here

Secondly: join our Facebook page as shown above.

Thirdly: Spread the word!!! We need this message to be spread far and wide to get those names on that register. You can link to my blog, the wish page
Write a facebook status, write a blog post,email all your contacts, tweet your followers and use our hashtag #torsxmaswish, or ask a celebrity to tweet the message. An example tweet could be "Please RT @Tor87 has made a Christmas wish. You can make it come true - read how: #torsxmaswish"

Doing this WILL save lives. In fact I have actual proof that the message is getting through to people........

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    I've joined the facebook group and have posted it to my facebook page.