As I said in a previous entry, today it is a year since I was admitted to hospital, put on oxygen, and my decline became most apparent. I think it was one of the most scary experiences of my life. I have to admit I felt quite sad when I woke up this morning. Imagining setting off for work as normal this time last year, not knowing that by the end of the day I'd be in hospital, was quite hard to think about. However, while I was so poorly something else big was happening back home.....
My sister was expecting her first baby and went into labour while my mum and I were on our way into hospital. It was terrible for my mum to have two of her girls going through so much. My sister had her partner with her and was in contact with us at the hospital. To say the very least the birth was pretty complicated and it was awful to get dribs and drabs of information through but later that evening a beautiful healthy baby boy was born.
Today it was his first birthday and it was a pleasure to see my little nephew laughing, smiling and playing with his many birthday gifts. He, and my other little nephew are a true blessing to our family and have changed our lives immeasurably.
It made me think how lucky I was too be at home, with my famly, and celebrating my nephews birthday. Things may not be perfect with me, I'd prefer not to be on oxygen,not to use a wheelchair to go out and not to need to be on the transplant list, but things are still pretty good if you sit and think about it.
It also affirms something I've always known, and cling to now. Things can change just like that. For better or worse, they can change the next second, the next instant.
Today I look back on a bad day healthwise last year, but who knows what will happen next? I could be looking back sometime in the future with my life changed again, beyond all recognition.
I think thats pretty amazing really. xxx

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise"

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  1. Hi Tor, have only just viewed your sight! am loving the pinkness of it! It's really interesting to read and it's good that you can post your thoughts on here. Congratulations to your sister by the way, what's his name? Hope to see you soon! 7 days til Christmas, yeyhey! keely xxx