Still feeling a bit down at the moment. I've had plenty to do these last couple of days, had some orders from people at work for extra decorations, so finished all of those last night, also made all my christmas cards for family. Today was lovely as two of the teachers from where I used to work came round for lunch, it was really great to see them and hear all their news. They couldn't stay long as they only get an hour lunch break but it was still lovely to have them here.
Unfortunately ive had a few rubbish bits of news this week. Firstly my best friend is ill so I won't be able to see her before xmas plus I hate to think of her being unwell. We are due to go to my aunts for xmas night but they have flu going round so its unlikely I'll risk going now. I'm probably going to be stuck indoors all over xmas and I just feeling a bit fed up with it at the moment. The shops are too crowded to get around, and I haven't been out properly for ages. Everyday merges into one when you do the same each day, I feel quite lonely at the moment... xxx


  1. aww tor dont be down! you can still see your mum and sis and nephew and dog over xmas, and i will text you lots, you got xmas presents to open (including my really good one!) text your friend if she ill and make plans for new year - get a takeaway and watch films

    love ya xxx

  2. Awww Tor, so sorry to read that you are feeling down and lonely. I wish I could come and visit you and we could spend the day together doing craft stuff - us both having CF and not being meant to meet really sucks :o( Sending you huge fluffy hugs to keep you warm xxxxxx