sorry....but not for long

I've had a boring couple of days really, hence lack of blogging. Everyone here is rushing about at work, christmas shopping, busy busy busy. My body is not up to rushing though so I just watch everyone else. It's funny isn't it, that at this time of year most people would kill for a rest or to sit down all day, whereas I would love the chance to rush about for once.
I absolutely LOVE christmas but am finding it hard to fully feel a part of everything this year.
Dont get me wrong, the house looks great and I've got almost all my presents, in fact i could probably get away with what i've already got, and I do still love christmas but i suppose things are just a bit different now. Being on the transplant list does seem to have changed my outlook and moods. I'm either high as a kite or down in the dumps a lot of the time, its hard to get balance. Plus everything is so different being on the list, doing all my shopping online, not being able to make cards or wrap presents for too long or I'm all aches and pains, reflecting on the year.
However, I am a lucky girl in many ways. Last year I spent alot of time too ill to care how everywhere looked and then in hospital which was awful only escaping two days before the big day. So I am in a much better position than I was then, I'm thankful to be at home, reasonably well, taking an interest in everything and with my family. Lots of people aren't in as good a position as me.
Today I'm going to wrap some presents, watch a christmas dvd, make some more cards, sing-a-long to some xmas songs and enjoy being at home.

I'm feeling more christmassy already!

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  1. My prescription for you is a warm mince pie, a glass of mulled wine and a good Xmas film! Sending you hugs as always xxxx