Star struck!

Firstly, I'm still not getting many comments from you all so please leave me one to reassure me you're out there!

I had a nice day on Sunday. Nearly finished my christmas shopping now so thats good. The internet is a godsend for me to avoid lugging oxygen round busy shops! Just got a couple of little bits left, should only be one more trip.
It was my nan's birthday so I went out for a nice roast dinner in the evening and although it was a bit of a rough day for me tummy wise I still had a good time.
The definate highlight of my day however came earlier in the day. A friend of my mums (who she hasn't seen in a while), knows how much I love musicals. A girl in her family has recently made her debut in a hit West end show, and she completely surprised me by turning up with a program which she signed for me and then sat for a chat about all aspects of show life. She absolutely made my day, and I was so touched that she had taken time out on her day off, even though she had never met me before. It was a true pleasure and just shows how kind people are.
Today I will be doing some reading for my course. I was over the moon when I got my essay result, to see I got a B! Real sense of achievement. Then this afternoon my reflexologist is coming round to do my feet and have a chat. I can't wait as it's always good to see her and reflexology is so relaxing. Ive tried quite a few alternative therapies over the years but aromatherapy, reflexology and hypnotherapy have all been invaluable to me.
So thats my day! I hope everyone else has a good one.


  1. hey!

    i added this to my favs on my computer,

    see i am out there and adding comments...maybe just write once s week instead of every day?make it properly regular and maybe people check it more and comment?

  2. Hi sweetie! Nooo please keep updating regularly, I love reading your blog. So lovely that you got to hear all about the musical from that lady...that will be you one day and then you can do the same for someone else! How are you feeling? Hope you are ok. BIG hugs!!! xxxxx