Lights, camera, ACTION!

Today was very exciting!
The PR company came to film my footage for the awards! To say I was nervous was an understatement (i may or may not have been sick with nerves before they came) but I needn't have been. I know it sounds stupid but, being restricted in where and when i can get out makes me feel quite cut off from people. I don't meet many new faces and being with your own or familiar company doesn't do much for your social skills, I get very intimidated and worried in these situations plus i'm very shy anyway which doesn't help. It really makes you doubt yourself.

Obviously the prospect of three people and a rather large camera didn't fill me with self confidence, but the team were absolutely brilliant! They were all so friendly and really took time to sit and put me at my ease. Kit the producer sat and talked through what would be happening while Lee and Stuart set up in our garden. We filmed outside because it was such nice weather even though our garden isn't up to much at the moment!
They were all really attentive to how much I could do without being tired which was another big relief! We filmed an interview where I could talk about my life and how CF affects me, then we did some still shots that will be combined with special effects and some footage of me doing everyday things that the interview answers will be played over.
To be completely honest a day I was dreading turned into a really good laugh. I had lots of fun and enjoyed chatting with the guys,it took me out of myself.
They filmed for about two hours but it will be condensed down into about a two minute clip. They like to get as much film as possible so they have the choice in what they use.

I have also bought a dress after alot of shopping. The awards are on the 29th of May....I can't wait now! xxx


  1. Oooh check you out being a film star! I'm so pleased it went well for you, all that worrying for nothing. phew..

    I knew you'd be fab!

    Lots of love fairy, xx

  2. hey!

    sounds exciting! glad you werent nervous! and i cannot wait to watch it (i have to go and hog someone tv for night as i dont have cable but i got 2 offers!)

    love ya xxx

  3. Sounds like they were a good bunch, glad you enjoyed the day hun and I can't wait to see the dress.