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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, I know I said in my last blog that I would update soon, but better late than never eh?! Thanks for all your comments as usual, but in particular to Laura for pointing out I hadn't updated, plus I liked her idea about me being too busy showing off my shoes as the reason for not blogging :)

Anyway, first things first, the exam. It already seems like it was weeks and weeks ago. The examiner came to invigilate and we got started on time, I was quite nervous and a little daunted about 3 hours writing with no break but it wasn't actually a problem in the end. I was very disappointed to open the question paper and see there were no questions on the 2 subjects I knew best and had been hoping would come up, (I may or may not have wanted to let out a strangled whine at this point) but I pulled myself together and tried my best with it. I honestly can't say how I've done, I wouldn't say it was the best exam in the world but it wasn't the worst either. I won't be getting the results for a couple of months yet so I will let you know when I do.
Nothing very exciting has happened this week. I had weekly weigh in on Friday, which I was really scared about in case I had dropped any further. Thankfully it was up 0.4kg which I was very pleased (and greatly relieved) about. I'm now up to 44.2kg which is great.
However, I have had a bit of a problem. I was slightly sick when I woke up yesterday which I wasn't too worried about as its not unusaul for me, but unfortunately after lunch I was repeatedly sick and couldn't keep anything down all day. Even water was difficult. Last night I managed to have some crackers and a small bowl of cereal, I am having to take things very slowly, which is obviously not good news for project get fat. I am hoping that the worst is over and today is better. My guess would be that this is either some sort of bug or the result of an overload to my system. I am feeling tired today because I haven't eaten much and am quite achey from dehydration and the constant wrenching of being sick.
Thankfully my chest has stayed ok *touch wood* and I'm hoping it will stay that way.
Any positive thoughts would be welcome to help kick whatever this is.
Hope your all well and having a good week. I promise to update sooner next time xxx

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  1. hey sweetness,

    If you couldn't keep anything down sounds like a bug or something you ate disagreed with you. Don't forget to allow for that in your weigh in and don't be hard on yourself!

    Remember EVERYONE moves up and down in weight every day, the general trend is still up (have you done a line graph? If not you should as it's great for helping you ignore little dips and focusing on trend)

    Hope you are feeling better sweetie xxx

  2. dont fret you will put it back on again soon! its normally easy once you eat regular
    just start off light

    have you done any more shopping? for you or early xmas presents?

    keep texting me!!


  3. I hope by now your feeling better and back to eating your normal diet. Early Christmas present, hummmmmmmmmm...........dose santa deliver lungs?
    Still praying

  4. http://peppardfarm.blogspot.com/16 October 2008 at 06:03

    Tor, I found your blog through Confessions of a CF Husband. Good luck on the weight gain. Good luck with the exam results and hope you are feeling better!!

  5. Hiya Tor,

    Just having a catch up and moving all my favourite places to the new machine.

    Sending much love hunni, hope the sickyness has got better and very well done you for getting the exams done.

    Loadsa love.