Boredom busters

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not much been going on for the last couple of weeks but thought I would be a good girl and update anyway!
I've been feeling up and down with my emotions this week but not as much as other times so thats a blessing. My chest is still going ok, but I am finding that I'm beginning to slow down and find things harder than I used to. Just little things like getting tired easily, walking more difficult, etc. Its only to be expected after being on the translant list for nearly 2 years but is still hard to accept.
I think its difficult for people to realise sometimes how restricted I have become. I spend a good 75% if not more percent of my day doing treatment or eating (which is like treatment for me), and I everyday tasks that most people wouldnt think twice about are no longer a possibility for me. I have trouble dressing myself, moving round the house, washing or brushing my hair is a complete no go as i get absolutely exhausted. I am so lucky to have a mum who would do anything and everything to help me out and even though it it really tiring for her to do it all, she does willingly.
Being so restricted in what i can do poses problems with keeping myself busy and not getting bored. There is a huge difference between watching a DVD or reading a book because you want to do it and watching them repeatedly because you literally have nothing elase to do. I have said before that when i get bored it has a huge effect on my mood and in turn my general health. So I have been focused on trying to put in place some things that are not too taxing but keep me from being bored. I have had some extra work from the charity Live Life then Give Life which I am so grateful for. I have also got a couple of things that im looking into and they should maybe come to fruition in the next couple of weeks so fingers crossed.
I've taken a couple of orders from friends and family to make cards for different occassions which I'm working on at the moment too
Hope you are doing well, I'll post again soon.

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  1. boredom can be a nasty mess. i only wish i had a magic rabit i could pull out of my hat for you.
    i hope you have some good projects come your way.

  2. Hi sweetie, I've finished your card YAY!!! Not just got to remember to post it haha!
    Sending you big cuddles
    Emmie xxxx

  3. Hey my love,
    I have heard lovely things about you and I am lucky to read your blog thanks to the gorgeous Emmie! I am mad about card making too!! Hun, if I can do anything to help anytime just lemme know. I am thinking of you babe and just please keep fighting. It sounds like you have a great spirit and outlook...xxxx

  4. just thinking of you
    hope all is well