What a difference a year makes....

Three blog posts in one week what a lucky lot you are!

As promised this is quite a special blog post. This week is National Transplant week and it led me to think a lot about this time last year and how much has changed. This time last year I had barely left the house for weeks, was severely out off breath, and was coming to the end of my life. Every single day was tremendous effort to just keep breathing, and I felt I was exsisting rather than living. After 4 years of waiting I had noticed a subtle change, while I was alway tired and worn out I always found the strength, however small to carry me through. But during those last months, the weariness had increased, I felt so incredibly tired both mentally and physically; for the first time I began to believe I wouldn't be able to carry on much further, I simply wanted to sleep and not have to drag myself up for another day. I was under hospice care and unbeknownst to me, my parents were told that I was unlikely to see Christmas if I didn't get my transplant.

And then in October 2011, my life changed forever.

Skip forward a year and this National Transplant week is vastly different. Admittedly its still a hard journey, its been a lot of hard work to get to this point; but I have a life, a future, I feel 100 times better than before and I am blessed to lead such a life. Last year I made a video plea to encourage people to become organ donors, this year I decided to give it an update. I think this video says it all. Please watch and see what a difference organ donation can make. Click here to view

Since getting my transplant here are some of the things I've been able to do that would have been impossible without the gift of life.

I celebrated my 25th birthday, a day I never thought I'd see.

I am planning a few nights away from home which I've never been able to do before.

Uni is hard work but progressing quickly now. I have finally sat the exam I deffered 3 times due to being so ill, and have registered for the final parts of my degree. All being well I should graduate next September.

I've been to the theatre, and loved every second of it.

I've met my baby niece who I didn't think I'd live to see.

I have a holiday to Center Parcs planned, and have managed a couple of (tiring but fun) weekends away, the first in 5 years.

I've found a new love of cooking. Started art classes and resumed my singing lessons which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Singing was something I missed terribly and having it back makes me an extremely happy girl. I feel I am finally getting the Tor I lost back again.

The most challenging (and in fairness stupid) thing I have decided to do, is to sign up for the London Parks Half Marathon in October. The half marathon will be 3 days shy of my 1 year post transplant anniversary. It was something that seemed an impossible dream while I recovered in hospital but is now becoming reality. It will be an incredibly difficult challenge for me, training is very difficult and I regularly get exhausted still and suffer with pain. However I am determined to get as far as I can. I will be raising money for my hospice and HArefield transplant unit, I will be walking in memeory of my amazing donor and the friends I've lost who would have loved this chance.
Click here for my fundraising page, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserPage.action?userUrl=TorTremlett&faId=232356&isTeam=false I would love it if you could donate and encourage others to do the same.

I never forget that I am one of the lucky ones, there are still 10,000 people, 3 of whom die every day waiting for a transplant. Please Please, pass this post on to as many people as you can so they can see the benefits of organ donation. Transplants save lives and I intend to keep fighting so more people can have the unbelievable chances that I've had. Thank you.


  1. Gina and Ron xx10 July 2012 at 17:57

    I'll Kick it off £100 xxxx We are all very proud of you sweet heart xx

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  3. A very encouraging story i wish you all the happiness in the world

  4. I am so glad that this transplant week you are talking about your recovery from your transplant and not your wait for a transplant.
    What a year it has been for you and your family.
    I wish you all the very best for your challenge in Oct!
    Great to hear that you have been able to start doing the things that make you happy again.
    All the best with the university work I look forward to hearing that you have graduated next year:)

  5. An inspiring story. Congratulations to you for having the strength to keep going and good luck with everything you have planned for the future. Enjoy every second of it!!

  6. You have such an inspiring story. I wish you happiness.

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