Random acts of kindness

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I decided to keep going with my #40actsof kindness blog because it got a good response last time and I want to encourage others to try it! Do something generous today, I promise you'll get back more than you give out. 

11) Gave out lots of hugs, took more biscuits for my classmates, and ran after a lady who dropped her babies hat.

12) Offered someone my seat on the train.

13) picked out some special friendship quotes that fitted my closest friends and text them to them :) 
14) I sent a card to my friends little boy who is lovely! 
15) I sent another card to a couple of friends in hospital.
16) I drew a special birthday card for a friend.
17)I bought an Easter egg for a local appeal.

18) I wrote to a young cf lad to try and encourage him to stick to his meds routine and to eat which is always hard when you feel so poorly

19) I have a few friends going through hard times, so I've been trying to support them and let them know I'm here to help if I can.

20) I bought some 'just because' presents for people today.

21)After my clinic visit I  bought my mum an ice cream from @ScoopGelato.

22) literally cannot remember this one but I definitely did one! 

23) Missed my good deed for the day so I will make it up when I can.

24) Today I've donated to Comic relief. 

25) today I took these cakes for my special Irish girl ;) gave out a lot of hugs, and bought some comfort food for a friend who's having a tough time. I also received an RAK from the wonderful Roberta Pudney and her lovely girls. 

26) Mother's Day, so snuck down in the early hours to hang some best mum bunting ;) went to stay with my friend Gemma and her beautiful baby Louis, I bought a couple of little gifts with me.

27) I helped cook 1 meal, and made another myself for baby Louis so his lovely mummy could freeze them in portions. 

28)Was up for another scan at my hospital and sent a little care package up to a friend who's staying on the ward.

29) Mummy Tremlett's birthday today so I made her her favourite berry pavlova :) 

I would LOVE to hear if you do a random act of kindness, comment and let me know :) 

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  1. This is such a great idea, I'm going to do it too! Thanks for the inspiration! :) x

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