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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy list.

So I'm basically stealing this idea from my lovely friend Josie who's blog is here  I've been having a fairly overwhelming/crappy week so to counteract that I'm making a happy list of all the things in my life lately that aren't overwhelming or crappy.

1) Lots of work. Admittedly it's been very stressful this week and this coming week because I have a lot going on but work is work and it's nice to have orders coming in! 



2) Self Improvement.
I'm a huge believer in the fact you never stop learning. I'm currently doing an improvisation course, and when that finishes an accent course. I've also seen a private physio this week and have been really impressed by my first consultation. Hoping that the program he's suggested is going to help my pain and also be light enough to not aggravate my fatigue. I'm also getting diet advice from my dietician and have managed to lose half a kilo this week! I've also realised after a rather spectacular mini break down over a cake (seriously don't ask) that I've not been coping especially well and need a bit of extra support which I'll be chasing. Always ask for help if you need it.

3)My Garden
My lungs and joints hate humidity so it's not been the best this last week or so but today and yesterday it's been lovely out and in between work I've been sitting in my garden having a cup of tea, or throwing the ball for the dog, enjoying the sun and all the gorgeous flowers. 

4) Saturday night movies. 
We've only done this for a couple of weeks but I'm going to keep it up. Rather than watching crappy Saturday night tv, mum and I have been making ourselves cosy and watching a film instead. So far we've watched Fantastic Beasts and A Streetcat named Bob. 

5) Crystals.
I've always liked crystals (my nickname isn't magpie for nothing) but I've been really drawn to them lately. I love the sparkle, the colours, shapes and the fact that nature once again can make something so pretty. I found my age old Pyrite and Amthyest stones recently and am hoping to add to my collection. If you know any good places to buy from leave me a comment! 

6) Friendship.
I'll be honest I've had quite a few problems with friendships over the years. I find it very difficult to trust people and have been hugely let down by some of those that I have trusted. As a result I can feel very lonely at times. However I have a group of about 5 friends, who I don't see often but are always there to talk to and hear me out. Some of the relationships are older, some new and growing but I am very grateful to have them there. We have made some plans for the next few months. And also had FaceTime and text chats that go on and on. Love them 

7) Clearouts
I seem to go through times of cleaning and sorting through things to declutter. I think I get quite tired and work etc means a clean space so I have to purge in between orders. I've enjoyed it though and it's a nice side effect to be able to gift friends bits that I no longer use and cheer up their day. As well as donating to charity and selling bits on eBay. 

8) Lucky dog.

Lucky was 5 last week and I'm just so glad to have him in my life. He is adorable, cheeky, naughty, funny and extremely loyal. I love him very very much. 


So tell me what's made you happy this week? I love reading your comments, I know you're reading but don't often hear from you, so say hello! X

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  1. Hey Tor, lovely blog, what a nice idea. Making final arrangements for my upcoming wedding has made me feel happy this week that and breaking up from work for half term xx

    1. Thank you! Oh wow exciting! Hope you have an incredible wedding day and a great half term. Xxx

  2. Hi Tor! It made me really happy to see you're still making cakes. They look fantastic! I'm glad you have good friends and a pet around you, and that you still update this blog! You've clearly been through so much and I'm rooting for you from the other side of the Internet.

    1. Hi Katie,
      I loved your comment! Lots of cakes still being made I'll start adding some to the blogs now and then. You're comment made me smile a lot. Thank you and sending love xxxx

  3. hey, I've just read your blog/ watched your video and actually we have quite a few things in common. I'm also about to turn 30, write a blog, trying to run a greeting card business etc. Im currently waiting for a new kidney and pancreas as I'm a type 1 diabetic. We gotta keep keep fighting and writing and blogging together. Keep strong and thanks for the inspirational read. You can find my blog at http://onthehuntforkevin.blogspot.co.uk. Have a great weekend, Jess