The C Word

This is a post I never thought/hoped I'd write. I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer. 
In short, during my last endoscopy a biopsy showed up as cancerous. I was rushed in for scans and thankfully right now it isn't aggressive nor has it spread. However, that's where the good news ends.
I will be undergoing chemotherapy before Christmas, I will need a pic line placed to take blood, and administer the drugs. It's highly likely I'll, lose my hair. Sore mouth, ulcers, changed taste, nausea, fatigue the list goes on.
I will then need surgery and further chemo.

I am devastated. To be facing another big fight, to potentially lose my hair which has only just returned to pre transplant health, to suffer so much and fear. Mostly to put my family through this once again. My case will be complex with my other health conditions, but again I am lucky to be being treated by amazing hospitals who are working together to help me. I will be under the Marsden hospital, it's very scary but I'll get to know them.

I am trying to keep calm and positive but every now and then I break down with it all. I am so tired of fighting and having my life on hold. 

I will fight though because I'm not willing to let this beat me anymore than I was willing to let CF beat me. 

I'll be updating soon but please bear with me! Xxx


  1. Oh Jesus, I am so, so sorry to hear this. I gasped aloud at work when I saw this. Is there any way I can help? Do you have a gofundme?
    It is totally fine to break down under it all. You've been through so much. I only know of what I've read in your blog, but you come across as really lovely and you've been dealt such an unfair hand in life. I am sending so many hugs from Ireland.

  2. I'm sorry. This is shit. Keep that fire and fight <3 <3


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