2 weeks down!


I hope you all had the best possible Christmas and new year you could. Ours was quiet but nice. I was home with my family which is the only place I wanted to be. 
I've made a quick video update for you, it's only 5 minutes but it's a bit easier for me to combine blogs and videos sometimes just because I don't know how I'll be from one hour to the next. I'll have done week 2 of chemo tomorrow and while I'm not feeling hideous I'm not feeling good either. I've been very fatigued and need naps during the day, I get headaches, nausea that flares up and down, I'm quite sensitive to smells etc. Mentally it's all a bit of a struggle. Concentration is really difficult! 

I have my PICC line in which is really helpful, it's always a bit of a worry with infection risk but I'm taking good care of it. We clean and replace the dressing each week, and flush it (me and mum are practically nurses!).

Gruesome photo look away if you don't like lines.....

I'm trying to keep my spirits up and have some lovely people supporting me. I'm very open to infection and virus right now which could be pretty disastrous so am staying home a lot which is difficult but necessary. I'm hoping soon I can have visitors but everyone has lurgies right now! 

My next chemo is January 18th so my next update will be after that. I'm hoping to get a post about my Christmas goodie bag delivery up soon but I'm so tired forgive me if it takes a while! 

Love to all xx



  1. I wrote a long comment on the last post but it never appeared so I guess it just...vanished somewhere? Anyway, thank you for the update and the video. I'm so sorry you have to keep going through all these diagnoses and hospital visits and treatments - I'm sure you're more than sick of them by now (no pun intended). You mentioned getting cards in the video - where should I send one? It would be really nice to write you something!

    1. I hate it when vlogs delete my comments! Thank you lovely. Aw I'd love that if you email me on tremletttor@gmail.com and I'll give you the address xxxx

  2. Aww bless. Tough times...wishing you lots of love and strength in your battle xxx


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