As I said in a previous entry, you never know when things can happen, big or small, that can change your outlook.
Yesterday afternoon our post arrived. I love getting post and am usually pretty impatient for it to turn up. I started opening the statements, christamas cards and letters that had arrived and got to a letter that I didnt recognise as anyone I knew or had been expecting. When I opened it I found a beautifully written letter telling me that I had been nominated, by a friend who has Cf, for a treat. The letter was from a charity called the Chloe Janet Ball Trust, it was set up by a family who lost their daughter Chloe to Cf. They spoke of her with tremendous love and fondness and said that the charity aimed to give fellow sufferers of this disease gifts of money to enjoy a day doing something they love to do, a chance to forget about health worries and to have fun. I am allowed to choose what I would like to spend it on, whether it be a nice meal, a stay in a hotel, a theatre trip or just take aways, manicures, and smaller treats to brighten my day. They closed the letter by wishing me lots of love and although they dont know me, will be wishing me well. All they asked in return was for me to raise a glass in Chloes memory.
To say I was completely touched, even gobsmacked by this is an understatement. I cannot believe the generousity of both Emma who nominated me, Thank you so much again hun, and the wonderful people who set up the charity and sent me this gift. Their utter courage and kindness that, although they tragically lost someone so dear to them, they still want to improve others lives and in their words, "give a little sunshine" is in short, beyond amazing. They are amazing people and Chloe must have been too, to inspire them in her name.

I dont know how I will spend the money yet, but when I'm sure about it I will of course blog all about it. I have been feeling sad lately and life has been getting me down but this has pulled me up again. I felt that after Christmas there would not be much to look forward to, except being stuck at home or worse in hospital. Now I have days to plan something special, not even that ground breaking, but small treats to look forward to. I could have done this off my own back but it makes it so much more special to know that I'm being given this as a gift from people who care.
I'm truly humbled and just want to say thank you, it means more than I can put into words.
Chloe Janet Ball Trust http://www.cjbtrust.org.uk/


  1. Hi Tor,
    Chloes Dad here.
    If you would like to nominate a friend (with CF) for a gift we will be happy to oblige. We are a very small charity, so can only do so much. Reading your Blog makes it all worth while for us and sure that Chloe has a smile now.
    Just e-mail details to the person who nominated you, she has my e-mail address. Take good care of YOU and hope that you can enjoy Christmas and New Year with those close to you. Love from us X

  2. hey

    sounds great! cant wait to see what you choose!