I've had a fairly uneventful few days since my last post. Yesterday was a bit of a scare. Ive been keeping well chest wise and everyday like this is a huge blessing, my breathing doesn't improve, but while it can remain stable I am more than happy. Anyway, I had been feeling a bit odd chestwise the last few days but not ill or showing any signs of infection so I wasn't overly worried. On saturday morning though, I felt very dry inside and couldnt put my foot on how to describe how I felt. I was struggling to get my breath and the feeling of dryness was getting worse plus my muscles were getting sore from the effort. I was getting increasingly worried by now which wasnt helping, and becoming frustrated as I couldn't describe what was wrong. Infection and the odd days when I feel funny are commonplace, I know how to deal with them and what to expect but when my lungs pull something unexpected out of the bag its disconcerting and scarey.

I had a nebuliser using my old system so I could sit and breathe it slowly and decided (more persuaded) to go out for a stroll. I was dubious about this as I get a bit panicy after my collapsing incident but thought it might help and I would be in my wheelchair so no worse of to sitting indoors. Thankfully this seemed to make all the difference. The only explanation I can deduce is that I hadnt been out for a while and maybe my lungs were a bit stuffy and stagnant. The fresh air definately helped and I feel much better today. Fingers crossed and touching wood etc it was just a blip and maybe a request by lungs to go out a bit more?

I've also had quite a few headaches this week making me a bit annoyed so when I speak to my team I'll mention it.

I cant complain though, had a nice day looking round the shops and saw my two adorable nephews.

Hope everyone is keeping well xxxx


  1. ooooh strange, would be great if it was your body telling you to go out!!

    what is your new hobby now you not doing xmas decorations?